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Posted by on Mar 6, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

Remember When the Christian Right Was for Free Speech?




Remember when the American Christian Right was for free speech?

Hmm.  Me neither.

1966:  John Lennon of the Beatles makes an offhand remark to a British journalist about Jesus — and the American Christian Right goes batshit bonkers crazy, boycotts radio stations, and holds public bonfires burning Beatles records.

2021:  55 years later, a privately-owned company makes an independent internal decision to alter the content they own and publishing rights they fully control pertaining to a few books that don’t sell and no one has ever heard of — and the American political Right goes batshit bonkers insane.

See a pattern here?

And the wacko Right-wingers are the ones bitching about political correctness and censorship?


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Posted by on Mar 6, 2021 in Blog, Personal, Politics | 4 comments

An Update on My Twitter Suspension




I don’t miss Twitter.  Not at all.

On 16 December, Twitter suspended my account. Abusive behavior, they claimed. Because I called a Trumpster (Charlie Kirk) a “face twat.”  He reported me.

I pled guilty.

A few weeks passed. Then, I forwarded an appeal to Twitter stating that I was wrong and I’d learned a lesson to dial back on the attacks. I was completely sincere about my apology and expected Twitter would keep me in the penalty box for a few more weeks or perhaps a month or two, and the let me back on.

Well, Twitter ignored my first appeal, and then ignored by second. Then, the third.  Frustrated by them ignoring my appeals, I gave up, despite having built up 11,000 followers with no real effort to market or build a base.

Then yesterday, Twitter finally replied by sending me a form letter by email stating thier policy and that my ban would be PERMANENT. A death sentence.  So, all the thousands of posts and followers are erased — forever.

What’s odd is — now, in retrospect, I don’t really care. Being suspended from Twitter for the first few weeks bothered me because I like having the extra reach of posting articles and promoting ideas. It helped me build traffic. But after 2, and then 3, and then 4 weeks passed I didn’t even give Twitter a second thought.

Now, nearing mid-March it’s been nearly 3 months and I’m completely off of Twitter. That’s certainly freed up some lost time and dialed down the rage that’s so common on that social media sewer. Who knows — Twitter might have done me a tremendous favor.

So, for those who messaged me why I no longer post on Twitter, that’s the explanation. I’m done with Twitter and have no regrets.

Oh, and since I’m banned — FUCK YOU, TWITTER.

Oh, and since I’m banned permanently, Charlie Kirk does look like a face twat.  Here, you decide.


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Posted by on Mar 3, 2021 in Blog, Movie Reviews | 1 comment

Worst Gambling Movies #22 (Lay the Favorite)



My series, “Worst Gambling Movies of All Time” continues with #22 — “Lay the Favorite” which is about a veteran Las Vegas sports gambler who teaches a young female protege his trade secrets.

Title and Year:  Lay the Favorite (2012)  

Director:  Stephen Frears

Actors:  Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rebecca Hall 

Synopsis:  A bimbo quits her job as a stripper and moves to Las Vegas and becomes a professional sports bettor with the help of a scumbag.

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