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Posted by on Feb 27, 2022 in Blog, Movie Reviews | 1 comment

“Sorry” (Oscar-Winning Short Film)



If you follow my writings and have read my movie reviews over the years, more than likely you’ve also seen my annual tribute to the Oscar-nominated short films.

Oscar-nominated short films — uh, what?

These are the categories supposedly that “nobody cares about,” as I’ve heard one cynic succinctly put it.  “No one ever sees any of these movies, so why bother with them?”

Let me address that ignorance and correct this common misperception in this article.

I’ve expressed my passion for short films because they are often so moving and impactful.  I make an effort to see every nominated film, each year.  These films can sure pack a punch, sometimes within only a few minutes.  If you don’t think it’s possible to become emersed in a story and tear up in less than four minutes, then I challenge you to try the following experiment.

Fair Warning: Get a box of tissues ready.

Consider this recent Oscar winner, titled Sorry.  It was filmed in Albania in 2020.  It’s about a boy who is late each day for school and gets punished.  Words aren’t necessary.  Understanding and forgiveness are universal.  Human kindness is an international language.

We can all learn a little something from this whether we are parents or children.  Please take 3 minutes and 54 seconds and watch this short film that should leave you with something special.

We can all use a lesson and a reminder of goodness and decency and here it is:



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Correction:  This film did not win the Oscar.  It was mislabeled as such in the video.  I regret the error.  However, the short film is still very much worth watching. 

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