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Posted by on Mar 12, 2023 in Blog, Essays, Movie Reviews | 1 comment

Everything Everywhere All at Once About the 95th Annual Oscars



I’ve watched the annual Academy Awards telecast every year since 1974, which–give or take a possible gap or two,–is 49 in a row and counting. But this was the first Oscars I can remember being utterly disinterested. The movies released in the past year didn’t appeal to me. The nominees were mostly B-listers and unknowns. And quite honestly, the Academy Awards have become so dreadful in recent years. they’re practically unwatchable, except for the train wrecks. Speaking of which: Just when we thought the most cringe-worthy low point had been dredged a few years ago when the wrong winner was announced for Best Picture, during last year’s event the recipient for Best Actor assaulted a popular comedian on live television in front of a worldwide audience.

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