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Posted by on Sep 19, 2023 in Blog | 1 comment

So, You Want to be a School Teacher in Las Vegas? (A Tale of Frustration)



Are you interested in becoming a Las Vegas school teacher?

I was (and still am).

Unfortunately, the Clark County School District makes the hiring process unnecessarily confusing and difficult. Perhaps this is one reason why our local schools have a severe teacher shortage right now.

This 10-minute video details my frustrations at becoming a teacher.  Hopefully, someone who can make a difference will see it and fix the problems, or at least make the process easier for aspiring teachers.




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Posted by on Sep 6, 2023 in Blog | 0 comments

A Warning to Las Vegas Visitors About Rideshare




Be warned. Rideshare options are going to suck ass in the coming months, and maybe longer, if you’re visiting Las Vegas. If you expect to hop and skip around the Las Vegas Strip using the main providers — Uber and Lyft — you’ve got quite an adjustment in thinking coming. It will be a rude surprise, if you’re unprepared.

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Posted by on Sep 3, 2023 in Blog | 2 comments

F1 Grand Prix Race Destroys the Las Vegas Strip



Right now, the Bellagio is chopping down the trees and destroying the shady park area on the sidewalk in front of the water fountains to make way for a car race and asshole-fest that lasts a day. Those trees were first planted 25 years ago. I know, because I was there for the night of the grand opening, in October 1998.

Today, they’re tearing out trees to make way for temporary grandstands for the rich fucks who will blow thousands of dollars on race tickets, money which goes straight to F1 — all of which flows out of Las Vegas.

Forty five trees will be sawed down to make way for a grotesque monstrosity that will be up for roughly four days.

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