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Posted by on Jun 19, 2022 in Blog, Politics, What's Left | 0 comments

Pissed-Off About High Gas Prices? Thank Capitalism!



Hey, all you dick-dumb capitalists!  You love the free market, right?  You want the government to stay out of business, right?  Well, now you got what you wanted.  Oil plunderers are raping you for profit and now you — I’m laughing hysterically here — demand the government “do something?”  Pick a side, dumb fucks.  Take a poli-sci class and figure out where you stand.  You either want corporations to be able to dictate pricing and screw the working class, or you want the government to be the intermediary.  Pick a side.  Shit or get off the pot.  Read a book.  Try to figure out which philosophy you espouse.  You can’t be a capitalist and now bitch about gas prices.  You can’t have it both ways. 

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