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Posted by on Nov 26, 2023 in Blog | 1 comment

Trump Poisons a Football Game, Shamelessly Turns Sport into Campaign Rally



Do we really want to see this in sports? Is this an appropriate use of state facilities and public resources? 


On Saturday, Nov. 25, 2023, during the college football game between rivals South Carolina and Clemson, a political candidate was allowed to use the public spectacle as a campaign rally.  READ MORE HERE

Accordingly, I have more than a few questions and concerns.

Do we really want public sporting events to be turned into de facto political propaganda?

Why was this traitorous turd allowed to infect a college football game?

Is this really what college athletics aspires to become — a pep rally for a wanna’-be dictator and failed politician?

Hang on.  I’m just getting started.

Why wass this trash allowed on the field and given such a giant platform? In a critical primary state, no less?

Will the *other* presidential candidates be afforded this same opportunity to use a college football game as a faux political rally? If he gets to use 85,000 football fans as political props and a massive TV backdrop, well then, shouldn’t *ALL* presidential candidates be allowed to walk on the field, meet officials, and use the spectacle as a campaign promo?

So, who this fuck in South Carolina approved this?  I thought Nikki Haley, previously Trump’s favorite butt sniffer, was the former Governor of this state.  Does she get an equal chance to duckwalk across the middle of the field, wave to the giant crowd, and use the spectators as pawns?


FACT: This is a STATE-OWNED, TAXPAYER-FUNDED stadium and event between public universities.


FACT:  Partisan politics should have NO FUCKING PLACE WHATSOEVER in an event of this kind.


If this traitor and his cult followers want to buy football tickets like everyone else and attend a game, that’s fine. It’s their right. It’s even understandable that extra security detail is provided to keep things safe. But South Carolina letting this politician on the field and given him the spotlight is OBSCENE.

Yet all I hear, all the time, spewing from Republicans and conservatives is that they want to keep politics out of sports.


Well, looooooooookie here. You goddamned liars and hypocrites.


I have no problem whatsoever with any sitting President making a public appearance anywhere, and that spectacle being afforded the respect the office deserves. Yes, this even applies to Trump when he was in office, despite his failure and attempted subversion of democracy, and attempts to overthrow the government. For example, Presidents attending the annual Army-Navy football game is a longstanding tradition, and it’s a good thing no matter who the President is at the time. Throwing out first-pitches at baseball games after 9/11, as President Bush did in New York City and Washington after a national crisis was a good thing, and a unifying moment for us all. It’s NOT partisan.  Nixon.  Eisenhower.  Obama.  Bush 1.  Reagan.  Sitting Presidents at sporting events, so long as they’re no campaigning?  Fine.

However–allowing a widely-despised political candidate ONTO THE FIELD and letting him blatantly use a PUBLIC FACILITY and a high-profile PUBLIC SPORTING EVENT is ridiculous. This is why “equal time” federal election laws that addressed these kinds of sticky issues were passed with broad support years ago (and since, rescinded as the nation gradually descends into oligarchy).

Allowing this criminal who is currently under 91 federal indictments to use PUBLIC RESOURCES as a political event is preposterous. Do we really want to see this in sports? Is this an appropriate use of state facilities and resources?


This is outrageous!


Postscript:  Why don’t EQUAL TIME rules apply here? Moreover, using GOVERNMENT facilities and staff to willfully engage in campaigning has to be illegal (or someone in SC should be held accountable).

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