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Posted by on Mar 16, 2022 in Blog, Las Vegas, Restaurant Reviews, Sports Betting, Travel | 0 comments

Las Vegas’ Best (and Worst) Foodie Spots for Sports Bettors



So, you want to enjoy a good meal but you also have to watch the ballgame, right?  Been there, myself.

If you’re “in action,” it’s always more fun to watch your money (hopefully win), and preferably with a big juicy ribeye.  I totally get it.

Unfortunately, while Las Vegas is the sports betting capital of the world, the restaurant and dining choices at (or adjacent to) most of the race and sportsbooks leave something to be desired.

Here’s another way of putting it:  They mostly suck.

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Posted by on Jan 31, 2022 in Blog, Las Vegas | 0 comments

The Failed Casino Ownership with No Shame: “Bankruptcy Barron” Apollo Trying to Return to Las Vegas



“Eleven months after the transaction was announced and more than a year after the death of Las Vegas Sands founder Sheldon Adelson, the Nevada Gaming Control Board will consider the sale of one of the gaming industry’s most high-profile Strip properties during a licensing hearing Wednesday in Las Vegas.

It won’t be a simple discussion, given Apollo’s 11-year controversial ownership of Caesars Entertainment.”

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Posted by on Sep 1, 2021 in Blog, Las Vegas, Personal, Restaurant Reviews | 4 comments

Las Vegas’ Scuzziest Bar


Stage Bar Casino Las Vegas



“Stage Door’s daily “special” is a hot dog and bottle of ice-cold Budweiser for $3 not counting tip and you sure as shit better tip this bartender. Hell, you can’t afford NOT to buy it. And for dessert — $20 shots of Pappy Van Winkle or JW Blue Label. ESPN on the tube 24/7. Classic rock blaring over the house P.A. If they toss in an airbed and unlimited showers, I could live here.”

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