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Posted by on May 24, 2022 in Blog, Politics, What's Left | 0 comments

All the Great Ideas in History Were Liberal



We should create a giant scorecard.  Let’s do it.

On one side, count and then list the number of times conservatives have been wrong throughout history.

On the other side, count and then list the number of times liberals have been correct throughout history.

It’s a complete massacre.

On virtually every single issue in recorded human history, liberal ideas were better than conservative ideas.  Go back in time, to any nation, to any decade or century, to any topic and you will inevitably see that conservatives tried to stop human progress on every issue, at every juncture, in every society, in every era.  Over centuries, conservatives have taken the form of organized religion, feudal lords, mega-industrialists, warmongers, and corrupt monarchies.  Intent on protecting wealth and preserving power, these forces have impeded progress and enlightenment every step of the way.

The liberals, who get called “radicals,” are always proven right, over time.  In fact, all the great thinkers in human history were the liberals of their day. Every single one of them. All bold ideas and new discoveries and works of enlightenment were either called blasphemy or “too radical.”

Jesus was a radical.  Galileo was a radical.  Sir Isaac Newton was a radical.  Thomas Jefferson was a Radical.  Susan B. Anthony was a radical.  Uptain Sinclair was a radical.  Teddy Roosevelt was radical.  Martin Luther was a radical.  Martin Luther King was a radical.  Muhammed Ali was a radical.  Harvey Milk was a radical.  Insert the name of any great philosopher, writer, artist, or scientist.  Almost without exception, they were different than the norms of expectations of their day.  They were all liberals.  They were all radicals.  And conservatives of their time hated them and tried to destroy them.  History proved them all to be correct.

All evidence points to this as fact. Conservatism has been the incurable plague of humanity.

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