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Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in Blog, Politics | 11 comments

Ten Issues Where I Agree with Conservatives


National Review Magazine founder William F. Buckley Jr.


What troubles me most when discussing important issues is close-mindedness.  Call it cancer on communication.  This seems to be an epidemic right now.

People who insist their minds are “already made up” and can’t be changed annoy me.  Surely, unexpected events and unforeseeable circumstances may come about that should make us re-evaluate what we think.  The acquisition of knowledge isn’t finite.  One’s personal belief system is more of an evolution.  What we believe is true today might prove demonstrably prove false tomorrow.

I’ve come to view changing one’s mind as not as a weakness.  Rather, I see that as a sign of strength, an indication of personal growth — and most important, an open mind.

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