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Posted by on Aug 10, 2021 in Blog, Personal | 0 comments

If You Could Re-Live Your Life, What Career Would You Choose?



Given your experiences and what you now know — if you were given the opportunity to go back in time to your early adulthood and choose what career path you would take, what career would that be?


Imagine this: In just a few minutes, someone will walk up to you, snap their fingers, and presto –you’ll instantly be transposed back to your 18th birthday. But, you have one advantage this time around. You get to follow in the path of having foresight, carrying the decision you make right now as to what career path you would take if you were given the chance to do things all over again.

First, let’s agree on a few things.  You cannot select the same career as you have now, nor answer the question in accordance with meeting your romantic partner, having the same children, or the other consequences of this life’s career choice. Moreover, you MUST select a full-time occupation.

More important, please provide an explanation as to why you would pick the new career. This can be based on personal regrets, a greater sense of adventure, curiosity, or any other reason you so choose. I suspect you may ask yourself — is money my priority or is happiness?  Helpful Hint: You should probably make a choice based on what most reflects your values, interests, and so forth though there is no guarantee you’d have the same values and interests if you were to select a different path in life.

As for my answer — I’m having difficulty coming up with just one thing. There are many occupations I think I’d enjoy, and perhaps find fulfilling. In fact, I’d probably hit the re-set button if I could and make several changes, my career path being just one thing of many.

This is the ONE-HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVENTH edition of A.U.C. Thanks to all of you for participating.  Follow the FACEBOOK DISCUSSION HERE.

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