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Posted by on Dec 13, 2021 in Blog, Restaurant Reviews, Travel | 0 comments

An Incomplete Guide to the Best Restaurant Cities in America




Which are the best food cities in America? Here’s my list. Based strictly on personal experiences, I ranked the top ten according to four major factors I think are most important — variety, quality, value, and uniqueness. I’m not much interested in Michelin star ratings or gaggles of celebrity chefs. Who really cares? That doesn’t affect my day-to-day eating, and it probably doesn’t mean much to you, either. Instead, I judge a food city by what it offers ME. Admittedly, as is the case in all food-related writing, the opinions expressed are very subjective.

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Posted by on Jul 25, 2021 in Blog, Personal, Travel | 1 comment

What’s the Most Impactful Vacation You Took as a Child?



“All I can remember now are positive things. It’s funny how the mind works and what we chose to remember.”

Welcome to the latest edition of my Facebook discussion series, “An Unconventional Convention.”

To read more and/or participate hopefully, click on the image below which links directly to the Facebook page.

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