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GogoDFPDF File Converter: Convert Different File Types to P


When you are looking for a particular service, and unexpectedly your display leads you to the website of GogoPDF, presently, fate possibly delivers you the most potent and stable interactive quick fix. Be thankful as there is a lot to come from GogoPDF. This is an “all-in-one” multimedia platform that will answer any matters relating to files.

GogoPDF supports a converter service that can transform any data type into a standard document. Across all internet users around here, this system is performing 100 percent free. If you access the site, feel more comfortable and confident. Would you like to begin? Check out these top GogoPDF powered conversion methods.


Converting Word to PDF

One of the most common free online PDF converter. You will have your Word files transformed to PDF with just four keys. The interface will be translated free of cost in Word to PDF. But you could still pick a paid version or enjoy the open 7-day preview as well. Use those free versions: submit the files, pause to complete the procedure, and save the new PDF.

By the final point of the transformation process, be guaranteed that the Word file’s quality content will remain unchanged. Several OS, like Linux, Mac, and Windows, can be used anytime and anywhere you wish, as long as you have full network access. You can do your job even on the go.


Converting Excel to PDF

The fastest and easiest solution to transform any XLS document into a PDF file is to use GogoPDF’s Excel to PDF conversion service. Because the GogoPDF online transformation process is the fastest on the internet, people won’t be waiting upwards of three to five minutes. No question why it’s widely growing. The procedure is 100 percent effective and secure, as well.

What else are you looking at then, or instead? Using the webpage set of tools for you to convert the Excel files to PDF without any payment. Next, visit the official portal and import any Excel data to its tool chest to run the program, instead and let the machine do another job on your part without so much as a second of difficulty.


Converting PPT to PDF

This is the most excellent site which you can hear online, mostly on the internet. In comparison to MS powerpoint, PDF is a far more comfortable file, particularly for workplace or community presentations, as the structure is typical. Adding, you can use any OS or device to view the file entirely.

And the ease, the PPT to PDF tool allows you to transform your PowerPoint slides to a single PDF type. Using PDF for documentation or presentations opens endless options for consumers. How to start getting begun? Next, go to the web, import any Excel files, press ‘Convert,’ and the phase begins.


Converting JPG to PDF

The GogoPDF platform helps anyone do anything in only a few simple steps to completely transform any photographs into one PDF file. All you would need to do is add your digital images to the website, and everything else will be easy. You now don’t have to make a special effort.

Somehow you’ve had a wrong impression before from online services. Other internet services offer PDF to JPG transformer options but do not work on the promise made. And being capable of converting the data, many other digital platforms often require registration. Today, as an alternative to such inadequate and site online tools, you can use GogoPDF.


Converting HTML to PDF

I prefer GogoPDF’s HTML to PDF conversion service to function on any HTML pages for an expert guide.wIt will transform the HTML files to PDF provided for free as fast as could be expected while maintaining their original content. When fulfilling the process, feel sure that even as much as you have network access, there will be no problems along the way.

Unless you are concerned more about your data’s internet security, the file you have uploaded to the website will be deleted immediately after such an hour. You may view the Privacy Policies of the site directly unless you have questions about any data security. Moreover, this service can be accessed or used via Windows, Linux, Mac, and Mac systems.

Converting PDF to Word

To transform any PDF documents to Word doc, you will not have to install the software. Through the GogoPDF site, the procedure will quickly be done. GogoPDF is a document form conversion tool that is internet-based. After just a couple of seconds, people can send the transformed file. GogoPDF will only take a few inputs and clicks to quickly convert your PDF to Word.



Each day, we’re too busy in our routines. Therefore, we must use the quickest process of retaining people’s files private and protected because we have several other files transformed into another document. Thus further, if you depended on the service of GogoPDF, it’d also be best.

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The story on today’s wine selection (actually opened yesterday) bears sharing.

How does one present an encore to a stellar $100 bottle consumed on the previous day? After test driving a Maserati, is it really fair to get behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta?

After gushing over the Tuscan AREGENTIERA, I decided to jolt my wine senses and jump to an outlier. And that outlier is called PAXIS, from Portugal.

I picked up this little pearl from Costco. The in-store label had a rating of 90 from Wine Advocate, and it cost $7. When I saw this wine was from Portugal, I was intrigued. Other than some Ports (which I enjoy but have never taken a class about, yet — a gross void in my wine knowledge), I don’t have much experience with producers from Portgual, unless Lancers Rose counts, and then one can call me an “expert.”

PAXIS RED BLEND comes from the Lisboa region of Portugal. It’s a blend of 34pct. Touriga Nacional, 33pct. Touriga Franca and 33pct. Tinta Roriz. Those are grapes I’ve not tried before (probably many readers have never heard of them), so this was definitely worthy of an “experimental purchase.”

I would call my first impression a mix of pleasant confusion. Alc. content is only 12.5 pct, but it tasted like a fruit bomb. Very fruity. Almost too sweet (for me). Some people not used to wines, and those who don’t like bone dry wines (which I enjoy) are advised to try a PAXIS, which is totally the opposite side of the fruit scale. In short, this wasn’t to my taste and I did not finish the bottle. But I can see why it can be quite popular in a casual setting with non-wine drinkers. Nothing wrong with it, but I won’t be buying it again.

One added note (from the Total Wine website):

“The story behind the name of this wine is interesting. One day, Dino Ventura saw children playing a very traditional and physical UK game called Bulldog in school. During the game, he heard children calling out “Paxis!” as a way to express immunity from being caught. He then related the word to “escape from the stress of the world where we could appreciate a great wine” and Paxis “Bulldog” was coined.”

Note the bulldog on the front of the bottle.

Fun wine. Very sweet. Not for my taste, but others might enjoy and the price is certainly affordable.

Grade (100 point scale): 84
Value: (10 point scale): 6
Price: $7
Recommended: (personal) No. / (for some occasions) Yes.

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Many wines tell a story and this bottle reads like the finest prose of Ludovico Ariosto.

Some time ago, I made an overtly simpleton remark as to not liking Italian wines. Such a comment isn’t merely shallow and uneducated, it’s downright blasphemous. Still, strictly as a matter of personal taste, I do not buy, nor try, nor drink Italian wines in my routine. Absurdly biased as this geographic discrimination is on my part, the “Italian section” of a wine store is the last place I’m checking out that’s not labeled with “Sale: Malt Liquor.”

My dear comrade Stevan H. Goldman was apparently miffed by my wine prejudice and in an attempt to educate and persuade, he gifted me a few bottles of a wine that I’d never sampled nor heard of before. Ladies and gentlemen — say hello to my little friend: Meet ARGENTIERA.

They say all good things are worth waiting for, and Marieta and I waited until New Year’s Day to open this window to Tuscany, and the delayed gratification made our experience all the grander. Registering in at $100, this is a wine way beyond the price point of my comfort zone, and so the glory was reserved for a special occasion, all thanks to Mr. Goldman.

The ARGENTIERA is certainly one of the best 100 wines I’ve ever had, and probably Top 50. It’s stellar. Spectacular. Splendid. Stunning. Did I mention that I liked it?

Mea culpa, Italy.

“Argentiera, our Bolgheri Superiore, is a wine with a rich and silky taste whose grapes come from the most dedicated vineyards of Tenuta Argentiera. The long fining in French oak barrique, the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and the unique terroir of Tenuta Argenitera, make this wine one of the highest expressions of the Bolgheri area.”

50 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 30 pct. Merlot, 1 pct. Cabernet Franc and 5 pct. Petit Verdot and aged in oak for 12 months. Drinks like a full-bodied Bourdeaux. The tannins, which turn me away from so many Italian wines, is minimal, but actually enhances a long, elegant finish.

Everything about this wine clicked. I even reserved one glass to drink the following day (left in a bottle in the refrigerator overnight) to see if it loses any of its characteristics after being opened and allowed to escape. This beauty was every bit as tasty a day later as when it opened up about 30 minutes after de-corking. What a stupendous experience. What a lovely wine memory.

Expensive? Yes. Worth every penny? Assolutamente!

Grade (100 point scale): 98
Value: (10 point scale): 6
Price: $100
Recommended: Yes.

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Here’s a perfect example of why you should ignore the numerical ratings posted as labels on bottles (not to be confused with ratings in the wine trade or on in-store displays). The Carmen rates at a “97,” which is posted there on the front label. A 97! That’s world-class.

Well, Carmen was fine, but it was nothing special. While the rating is legitimate (Carmen varietals have won many awards at tastings), my admittedly biased opinion is this Chilean vintner is one of those trendy picks popular with critics to show they’re not all about France and California. So, up-and-coming wine production regions (including Chile) get bit of encouragement from the experts. Wine reviews and journalism can be quite incestuous.

My reviews hide nothing and are entirely about authenticity and taste, combined with value. And, the Carmen Cabernet Sauvignon drank very pedestrian to me. Good wine, with those distinct characteristics of extra tannin which we associate with South American reds, but for the money, if you’re aiming for outliers, I’ll take several comparables from Argentina (or better yet, Spain) at this price point which are superior.

Credit Carmen for their 170 years of history and the prestige they’ve earned as the oldest major wine producer in Chile. The winery has produced many award winners — including some classified as “wine of the year.” However, as this write-up from Total Wine shows, much of this is about name-dropping:

“….they’re not afraid to innovate. That’s is why they brought Emily Faulconer to the team. Like Viña Carmen, Emily’s winemaking record is incredible. She brings passion and experience to Carmen after leaving her mark at several wineries from all over the world including Cakebread in Napa, Trinity Hill Winery in New Zealand, and Chateau Canon in France. Her wines reflect the true essence of the region in which the grapes are grown all while she continues to evolve and adopt new ways of making wine. That makes her a perfect pair for Carmen.”

Nothing against Faulconer, but she’s not going to change the flavors of what’s poured into my glass — at least not for a generation. So, let’s please dispel this celebrity-culture that pumps up reviews and adds points so the wine reviewers can feel good about their influence.

Again, Carmen drinks fine. And, it’s not a bad wine for $16 a bottle But it’s not a 97.

Lesson: Ignore ratings affixed to wine labels.

Grade (100 point scale): 90
Value: (10 point scale): 3
Price: $16
Recommended: No.

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“Looks Like We Made It” (My Farewell to 2020)



This morning, I made a quick one-minute video — a quick look back at 2020, intended to bring a smile to your face.

I looked upon this as making a short promo or a television commercial, trying to create some joyful memories of what’s been a difficult year. 58 seconds.

Music by Barry Manilow — yes, Barry Manilow, who wrote the perfect song for this occasion.

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