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Posted by on Jul 9, 2023 in Blog | 1 comment

The Sphere Lights Up Las Vegas



Last night, I made a rare Saturday evening visit to the Las Vegas Strip. This was my first opportunity to see the new concert arena known as the Sphere up close since the LED screens were lit up with a live display. My initial reaction is two words:


This thing is amazing. It dwarfs every other structure on The Strip as a visual centerpiece. It’s simply stunning.

I had driven by the Sphere hundreds of times in the last four years during the construction phase, which everyone knows was fraught with problems, delays, and cost overruns. We’d been promised a spectacular finish, and I must say — they delivered. My vantage point came to within a few feet of the Sphere when I drove past it on Sands Blvd.. I’ll take more photos next time.

The LED screens display an incredible diversity of attractions. The blue earth. A giant marble. Even an eyeball, which is kinda’ scary. Yesterday was an NBA basketball, since the summer league is currently in town. Most incredible of all — this isn’t just a night time feature. The LED display can even be seen during daylight hours, as this photo shows.

There’s another huge plus, too. Las Vegas used to be a city loaded with free entertainment and inexpensive attractions. It was an oasis. There was something here for everyone, attracting visitors of all means. Sadly, that bargain side of Las Vegas has disappeared. This makes the easy accessibility of the Sphere a higher-tech 21st century version of the Eiffel Tower or Golden Gate Bridge. The huge display can be seen from anywhere within a mile of the giant dome, essentially making it into a free attraction destined to be identified instantly with our conspicuous skyline.

I anticipate the concert experience will also be spectacular (I hope to see U2 when they play at some point). That said, this is something everyone can enjoy. The possibilities on displays are endless. The only concern I have is this amazing structure overwhelms everything else in the city.

I have yet to see the show inside, but the show outside deserves a standing ovation. In Las Vegas, LED is the new neon.

Yes, this is a real, untouched, image.

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1 Comment

  1. Wow.

    I want to see a picture of three full moon displayed! And, of course, a single breast. Oink, I’m a pig.

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