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Posted by on Nov 21, 2023 in Blog | 0 comments

I Love You, Chewy!




I frequently blast businesses when they provide disappointing products and services. Today, I’d like to do just the opposite.

CHEWY continues to exceed expectations. They’re amazing. The pet product company does most of their business via home delivery. Chewy not only provides great customer service, they also go the extra distance to do the right thing and help animals and their owners.

We’ve been using Chewy for pet food delivery for about five years. We’ve had 4 cats during this time, and also fostered dogs. Yesterday, our regular delivery arrived. However, the big bag of dry food broke open and cat chow was spilled inside the large box of mostly canned goods. I immediately sent Chewy an email asking them to please *credit* me for the dry food on the next shipment (every 2 months). Well, here’s their response:

— First they responded in about 2 hours, with a PERSONALIZED email reply. Not a form letter. A real human reply.

— Chewy apologized and noted the seals on this product were problematic when being shipped and this happened before.

— Chewy insisted they’d send ANOTHER bag of cat chow immediately, a special delivery scheduled to arrive within 3 days (Note: there was nothing with the old broken bag, as I just scooped up all the food and put it into another container–then the cats came over and “cleaned” out the box, eating any leftovers—the broken package ended up being extra snack for them).

— Chewy said they’d take 15 percent off of our next shipment (about $15 in value), which was completely unnecessary, but so much appreciated for my “inconvenience.”

This level of customer service is consistent with what we’ve experienced with Chewy in the past. Four years ago, we lost two cats within a 6 week span (old age). The regular Chewy shipment arrived as I’d forgotten to cancel future deliveries. It was about $70 worth of food. I wrote to them and asked to send the cat food back, requesting a credit. I couldn’t believe their response.

Chewy said they’d credit the $70 and then asked me to donate the shipment to the local animal shelter. Just WOW. So, we did exactly that (a short time later, I did some volunteer work with The Animal Foundation–so the timing was perfect.). They also sent a card expressing condolences on the loss of Alex and Faro (the two cats who died).

Naturally, when we adopted two more cats, Chewy became our pet food supplier again. They deserve our loyalty.

Chewy is not really much more in terms of cost, and the delivery charges sometimes get waived. None of that matters. This company has stood by its products and delivers excellent customer service. They are also kind and compassionate. More companies would be advised to copy their business model.

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