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So, You’re Upset With the Left’s Response to Trump’s COVID Diagnosis?




Several readers were offended by my Facebook and Twitter posts last night, which sought to highlight the dangerous consequences of Trump’s repeated lies and grotesque negligence.

I always appreciate honest and constructive feedback — and I do wish to now set the record straight. So, please allow me this opportunity to clarify my previous remarks and rephrase an opinion on the Trump First Family’s unfortunate infliction with the virus referred to repeatedly by supporters and the President alike as “a hoax.”

A few questions:

— When Trump assured us the virus is nothing to worry about, that it’s fully contained, were you offended? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

— When Trump was revealed to have covered-up the dangers of COVID in the Bob Woodward interviews, that he 100 percent knew all along this was a catastrophic virus almost certain to kill tens of thousands of Americans, but then still went out in front of the American people and lied over and over again, were you offended? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

— When Trump promised the pandemic would magically disappear “by Easter,” then “when it gets warmer,” then “by the fall,” then “by the election,” were you offended? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

— When Trump ignored, contradicted, and even sometimes mocked scientists and medical experts, were you offended by that? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

— When Trump gave himself a grade of “A+” and stated “I handled it perfectly” — MANY, MANY TIMES — were you offended? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

— When Trump assured us that various cures were on the horizon — hydroxychloroquine, bleach, whatever — that a vaccine was “just around the corner,” were you offended? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

— When Trump openly ridiculed those who wear masks dozens of times in his campaign rallies, were you offended by that? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

— When Trump stated three nights ago that no one at his campaign rallies was susceptible to risk and no one caught the virus (forgetting about poor Herman Cain, R.I.P.), were you offended by that? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

— When Trump mocked his election opponent Joe Biden in the debate three days ago for wearing a mask, were you offended? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

— When Trump and his cult lied and said “it’s just like the flu,” were you offended by that? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

— When Trump’s loyal supporters by the thousands flung millions of incendiary posts and false memes and fake videos on Facebook alleging COVID was “a giant hoax” and “a conspiracy” and “a plot by Democrats,” were you offended by that? Did you speak up? Did you post anything raising an objection?

Let me help you, Trumpsters.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and no.

Well, at least you’re consistent.

But NOW…..suddenly the time comes when you are OFFENDED. Now, you SPEAK UP. Now, you raise an OBJECTION.

You object to Facebook posts. And Tweets. THOSE offend you.

Uhh, huh.

Well, let me just share a simple thought with you. Here, lean in a little closer. Listen and read carefully.








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My Post-Debate Analysis (Biden-Trump #1)




1.  The first thing I wrote in my “Debate Advice for Joe Biden” article posted a few days ago was to absolutely nsist the mics be turned off when it’s not the candidate’s turn to speak. Trump was appalling tonight with his rudeness and repeated interruptions. Biden committed his share of interruptions also. But Trump trampled over the debate rules and destroyed the civility of the exchange. His backers loved it, but the bluster lost him support with independents and undecideds. Biden appeared shaken a few times but also reacted to the constant interruptions much better than expected.


2.  Biden started off slow. In fact, he looked alarmingly lost in the first 10-12 minutes. However, as the exchanges heated up, Biden got stronger. Most viewers, even supporters, were shocked by this. Biden performed better than we expected. He also buried the concerns about his mental capacity. We did see Biden stutter repeatedly, an affliction since childhood, but there was no indication this was a sign of any mental lapse. This issue will linger a bit longer, but it’s no longer the predominant concern on the Biden candidacy.


3.  How the fuck is the President of the United States and White Supremacist groups still a thing? Really? In 2020? Four years into Trump’s presidency? We all saw it. We all heard it. Trump was given the softball opportunity to reject hate groups and far-Right nutjobs. Instead, his blundering and frankly jaw-dropping response was to — “stand by.” The toy cunts who called themselves the “Proud Boys” took the declaration as an open endorsement and social media supporters went wild. I cannot fucking believe there are people out there who won’t acknowledge this is yet another disgraceful episode that SHOULD call Trump’s capacity to hold public office into question.


4.  The Trump campaign bragged before the debate that the president didn’t prepare himself — and it certainly showed. They spent all of Tuesday waving flags about hearing aids and hidden microphones, and questions “leaked” to Biden in advance, even though the moderator was from FOX News. It was clear Trump didn’t study, research, rehearse, or strategize. He’s so self-absorbed in his narcissistic behavior patterns, there’s no deviating from his alternative universe of reality.


5. Since 1976, presidential debates typically produce perfectly-timed, advance-scripted moments that are the fatal wounds of candidates…..from “there you go again,” to “you’re no (John F.) Kennedy.” Trump apparently doesn’t use or listen to experts in this field. While his unwashed simpletons might love the “spontaneity,” trouble is — that flim-flam carnival barking doesn’t work at this level. Trump clearly had no zingers, mistakenly under the spell that his bullying would be enough to shake Biden and create the knockout. Trump miscalculated and lost, largely in part because of his own arrogance.


6.  This will not be a popular opinion, but I thought moderator Chris Wallace did about as good a job as was possible under the circumstances. He had no OFF switch. He repeatedly browbeat Trump for the interruptions and tried to give both candidates equal time. Wallace was also slightly more skewed to Biden, when he shouldn’t have been. However, given that Trump was the violator of the rules in the vast majority of transgressions, and the president’s record is what’s at issue, for the most part, Wallace handled himself well. I don’t know any moderator who could have controlled a spoiled 5-year-old on the plane constantly kicked the back of the seat. This is what Trump is.


7.  It’s very clear, all the guardrails in the White House have been flattened. Nobody is left to corral the out of control elephant. All the experts who might have given Trump guidance, are gone now. Resigned. Run off. Indicted. Fired. They’re all gone. Even Scarramucci and Bannon, who might have given Trump some savvy political expertise, are long gone (it shows how deranged this Administration is, when Scarramucci and Bannon are the voices of reason). What remains are toadies and sycophants. Yes-men. Social climbers. Bimbos. Mostly young inexperienced nobodies with zippo on their resume telling Trump every hour he’s the greatest. That’s the White House staff. That’s the campaign staff, oh, except for the former campaign manager who had a gun to his head a few days ago and was dragged from his home off to the psych ward. Gee, maybe this is a problem for the Trump White House, all the military people and academics, and experts being gone, and kids and ass kissers left to stroke the king.


8.  Biden ran to the center, but this is because Biden has always been a centrist. Trump desperately wants to paint him with the Bernie Sanders and AOC brush. but the color won’t stick. Each time Trump tried to insist Biden is a “radical leftist,” he looked like someone facing his world possible opponent — someone who is likable, experienced, sane, and compassionate. Now, we see why Trump didn’t want to run against Biden. Progressives (like myself) don’t like Biden’s centrist views. He rejected the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and BLM grievances tonight, which really is firing up the far-Left (that’s me). But pragmatically, we see this is who Biden is, and we will support him, because the alternative is 4 more years of a horror movie.


9.  Biden’s best moments were when he cut off Trump and told the American voter, “this isn’t about my family or Trump’s family….it’s about YOUR family.” Given my political background, I suspect that line was scripted for Biden to use when the inevitable attacks came on Biden’s children. This was terrific. It kneecapped Trump completely. Oh, and Trump going after Biden’s son Hunter while Biden was in the midst of sharing his story about Beau’s service in the military (interrupting Biden) was a FUCKING DISGRACE. If I would have been on that stage when the Draft Dodger leveled those remarks, the orange cunt would have needed a new set of teeth. Biden was far stronger than I could have ever been. One more thing: Biden’s best line: When Trump was talking about “Biden will destroy the suburbs,” Biden shot back, “you wouldn’t know where the suburbs are unless you made a wrong turn.” Bam!


10.  It’s hard to think of a good moment for Trump, but a winning strategy for him is bringing up the law enforcement endorsements, then asking which ones endorse Biden. That caught Biden off-guard. He better be ready for things like that next time. Trump can embrace law enforcement and win some votes, but it’s also hard to land a punch on Biden when he’s also speaking out against violence.


11.  Biden blew a golden opportunity to destroy Trump in two words tonight. While Trump was boasting about his “incredible record” on his handling of COVID and bragging about his campaign rallies, when he stated “no one has had a problem from attending the rallies,” Biden’s response should have been: HERMAN CAIN. I was screaming at the TV and twitted this out, which got picked up on social media. That was such an easy softball, but Biden missed it.

12.  Finally, DO NOT debate again until the mics are turned off for the candidate not supposed to speak. Period. End of discussion. Stand firm. Make this about Trump’s inability to control himself. Would you want this idiot negotiating with North Korea?

Oh, and one more thing: Undecided voters are fucking morons.


My tweets tonight in real-time:


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The Trump Cult





“….grab ’em by the pussy”

—– Oh, that was just locker room talk.


“I moved in on her like a bitch.”

—– Oh, that was just more locker room talk. Boys being boys.


“Jeffrey (Epstein) likes ’em young, and I mean really young!”

—– Yeah, but Clinton was there, too. So that makes it okay.


“If she (Ivanka) weren’t my daughter, I’d probably be dating her.”

—– <<<<crickets>>>>


“I like people who weren’t captured.”

—– Yeah, we voted for John McCain in 2008, but now since Trump doesn’t like him, McCain must be a traitor!


Fact: Trump paid $130,000 to silence a porn star.

—- No he didn’t! Okay, maybe he did. Well, if he did, it wasn’t illegal. You rock, Mr. President, you sly dog!


Fact: Trump quotes the National Inquirer and OAN.

—– That’s the real news. Not fake news, like CNN and The Washington Post.


Fact: Trump is a failed businessman.

—– Well, he’s owned a lot of businesses.


Fact: Trump won’t show us his taxes, even though he promised to do so repeatedly when running for president.

—– He can’t. He’s under audit.


Fact: Any taxpayer can show their tax records, at any time, even when under audit.

—– <<<<crickets>>>>


“Mexico will pay for the wall!”

—– <<<<crickets>>>>


Fact: Trump has told more than 20,000 lies, all documented.

—– Yeah, but I trust him.  This time, he’s telling us the truth.


Fact: Under Trump, the national deficit exploded from $14 TRILLION to $28 TRILLION. He DOUBLED the deficit in just 3.5 years.

—– Yeah, well, we only believe in balanced budgets when Democrats are in the White House.


Fact: Trump tweets an average of 25 times a day, digests hours of FOX News daily, and has visited his golf courses 265 times.

—– Trump is hard working.


“…..maybe this Covid thing is a good thing. I don’t like shaking hands with people. [Now] I don’t have to shake hands with these disgusting people.”

—– Trump loves average working Americans like me.


Fact: Trump rarely attends church, unless it’s a cheap political stunt or a hasty photo op and can’t cite any passages from The Bible.

—— God sent us Donald Trump. He’s like Cyrus the Great!


Fact: Trump LOST money 10/15 years, and by one credible estimate may have lost more money as a businessman than anyone in America since the early 1980s.

—- Yeah, but being President has cost Trump billions!


Fact:  Trump charges US taxpayers up to $600 per night for government officials who stay at his properties, including his Secret Service detail.

—– <<<<crickets>>>> 


(On American war dead) “They’re losers. They’re suckers.”

—– But, but, but, Trump loves the troops.


Fact: “Officials at “the highest levels of the White House were informed that Russia had paid the Taliban a bounty to kill American troops in Afghanistan.”

—– Trump doesn’t take any shit! He stands up to threats!


“Russia, if you’re listening……”

—– Trump was just joking.


“(on meddling in the 2016 election) I don’t know why it would be Russia.”

—– He misspoke.


“We do a lot for Ukraine….do us a favor (threatening to withhold aid, thus breaking the law)”….investigate Biden.

—– He’s not a career politician. He didn’t know he was breaking the law.


Fact: Trump was impeached and came within a few votes in the Senate of being removed from office.

—— It was all a giant hoax!


“COVID is a hoax!”

— Yeah, it’s a hoax, a plot, by the deep state, and the doctors are lying, and the media is exaggerating, and it will go away!


“(On injecting bleach) …..And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning.”

—– He didn’t say that. (umm yes he did)


“(After 205,000 American deaths, and counting) We’re rounding the corner!”

—– Yeah, we’re rounding the corner!


Fact: Herman Cain died of COVID one month after attending Trump’s Tulsa rally, against the advice of medical experts.

— Huh?  Who’s Herman Cain?


“We have a replacement plan for Obamacare and we’re going to roll it out very, very soon”…..(three years later) “in two weeks we’re going to reveal our new health plan…..(6 weeks later)…..(we’re still waiting)

—– He’s busy! (true, with tweets, TV, and golf).


“I’m up to 50 percent approval in the polls.”

—– (then, when bad poll numbers are reported) Well, you can’t trust polls, they’re fake!


Fact: More Trump officials are under indictment or convicted than any administration in American history.

—– He’s draining the swamp!  He only hires the best people!


Fact: Virtually ALL of those who served in the White House, ALL of them conservatives and Republicans, who are now departed now call Trump a menace, a threat, and an idiot. “He’s a fucking moron” (former Sec. of State Tillerson).

—– They’re all lying!


Fact: More than a dozen books have been written by ex-Trump aids, describing him as grotesquely unfit for the office, all of them former Trump supporters who enthusiastically endorsed the president.

—– They’re all lying! Every single one of them! Instead, I prefer to trust someone who told 20,000 lies, with multiple bankruptcies, who cheated on all his wives, who ignores American intelligence and believes Putin, and pays bribes to porn stars. Trump is my President!


Fact:  Trumpism is a cult.  





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What I Miss Most



America’s political crevasse has wrecked families and ruined friendships.

It’s tested our patience, made us question our values, caused us to rethink priorities, and utterly dominated every sector of our lives nearly to the breaking point of exhaustion.

This comes as a non-partisan observation. As you read on, I think people on the Left and the Right will be somewhat in agreement.

In recent years, I’ve witnessed friends and colleagues, who never expressed their political opinions before, becoming both outspoken and active. It’s as though fuses were lit. Passions exploded. This is true for Trump’s defenders and his critics.

I never thought before this ordeal that I’d ponder, let alone scribe, the statement which I’m about to make: I AM SICK OF POLITICS.

Now, to understand the gravity of that comment, you must understand that I have lived and breathed and inhaled and expectorated politics for all of my adult life. 36 years ago, I earned a degree in political science and later, worked in government for more than a decade. No matter which party ruled, or who was elected, my enthusiasm for the American political process, even with its many shortcomings, was heartfelt and genuine. And even after leaving politics in pursuit of other interests, in my spare time, I continued to read about current events and explore ideas. That was my hobby, but even that description doesn’t do the devotion justice.

Hence, I never thought I’d finally reach the stage of fatigue where I dreaded turning on the television each morning, for fear of the next and newest shock and scandal and the inevitability of another galactic battle between alternative universes of an opposite reality. I never thought I’d come to the point of reading books on political and social philosophy as nauseating. I never thought I’d reach the end of the path of what had been a roadway of insatiable curiosity to slamming into a cul-de-sac.

But now, here I am.

Over the next eight weeks, I am determined to work as hard as I possibly can and put everything within my soul into electing the people and party who I believe can best deliver something that’s vanished in recent years.

And that is — normalcy.

What I miss most is — normalcy.

Yeah, I want a revolution. I want big changes. I want the ideas I believe in to win. But this election isn’t about ideas or issues or ideology so much as it’s about normalcy versus pandamonium. Sanity versus chaos. Normal daily activities for ourselves versus fighting in the streets and ceaseless wars on social media.

If my preferred candidates win, does that mean the nation’s deep fissure of division will heal? Of course not. Division and arguments and debate and pain, perhaps lots of pain given the hole we’re in, will continue.

But for a few years, we might also get a break. A breather. A little normalcy. A bit more kindness. Fewer scandals. Less cruelty. More civility. I’m voting for that.

On or before Nov. 3rd, I’m voting for the thing I miss most — normalcy.


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Who is This Man?




Here are a few hints:

— He born on May 18, 1855, in Mount Morris, NY. He lived much of his life in Rome, NY.

— He became an active member of the First Baptist Church, where his father was a minister. He also became a minister and author.

— He once ran for the office of Governor of New York State, but lost.

— He was a self-described “Christian Socialist” who (in his own words) championed “the rights of working people and the equal distribution of economic resources,” which he believed was inherent in the teachings of Jesus.

— While speaking as a minister, he was once removed from the pulpit in Boston for preaching out against the evils of capitalism.

— Later in his life, he left the ministry and stopped attending church altogether, reportedly because of the racism he witnessed there.

— His career as a preacher ended because of his tendency to describe Jesus as a socialist. He taught classes with topics such as “Jesus the socialist,” “What is Christian Socialism?”, and “Socialism versus anarchy.”

— Today, he’s widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the early American socialist movement.


So, who is this person?

His name is Francis Bellamy.

Who? So, what was he best known for?


So, next time you think the principles of democratic socialism are anti-American, try this:  Say your pledge and remember the words and wisdom of its author.


Footnote:  Bellamy wrote the original Pledge of Allegiance, which did not contain the words, “under God.”  He believed in the absolute separation of church and state and did not include the phrase “under God” in his pledge, which was added in the 1950s, 25 years after Bellamy’s death.


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