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Posted by on Nov 7, 2022 in Blog, Essays, Politics, What's Left | 0 comments





Trump’s so-called economic “boom” (a total myth) was due to bust at some point. And now, here we are.

Like a giant ship hitting the iceberg, the economic disaster didn’t happen when we were manning lifeboats. The cause was back on the bridge of the “U.S.S. Economy Titanic” some time ago.

Excuse me for bragging, but I nailed it. I predicted it. I got it right.

Yes, *Trump* caused this. He fucked up. Just like the four casinos he bankrupted (how the hell does a casino go bankrupt?), the dozen-plus companies he ran straight into the ground by sheer incompetence, the tax evasion, the countless lawsuits, the cancer charities he stole money from, the college kids he ass-fucked (Trump University anyone?), all the dozens of banks he stiffed for hundreds of millions, and the shitpile of debt he left for everyone who ever did business with him. There’s not a sane person in America that would loan this loser $20 and expect to get it paid back. He’s a stiff.

When Joe Biden crushed this piece of shit by 7 million votes in an honest election that’s inexplicably now denied by tens of millions of brainwashed cult sycophants, the American economy was already slowing down. It showed signs of hitting an ice wall. I even (correctly!) predicted inflation would be a huge problem no matter who won in 2020.

Gee, all Trump did was INHERIT seven straight years of UNPRECEDENTED ECONOMIC GROWTH under President Obama. He even somehow managed to fuck that up. Now, two years after Trump fled Washington like a traitorous fugitive from justice on Jan. 20th, 2021, we’re left cleaning up his mess.

It’s clear and it’s obvious. Add up all the ingredients — including Trump’s trade wars and Trump’s crippling national debt (the highest in American history), not to mention his incompetence in handling COVID and the economic fallout. Here’s what I wrote at my website TWO YEAR AGO, just a few weeks before the 2020 election.

This is what I wrote back then, while TRUMP was still in office:

“The incalculable cost of COVID nationally and globally will be paid by taxpayers at some point. The United States economy will certainly CRASH like an egg rolling down a mountain. Slow steady growth (like under Obama-Biden) was the ideal recipe for success. Pumping the patient with steroids — tax cuts, giveaways to the rich — might look good for a short period by inflating markets, but then the real cost of abuse will become evident, and the pain will be real. This was an economy addicted to steroids and hooked on opioids.  Only sometime later are the ravages of intoxicating stimulants and abuse seen and felt and they will be catastrophic.  The list of Trump disasters is endless and incalculable.”


I stand by that 100 percent. I was right then, and I’m correct now.

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