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Posted by on Apr 19, 2023 in Blog, Sports Betting | 0 comments

A Pro Tip for All Sports Gambling Analysts



Let me address all the sports gambling experts out there.

Your “analysis” is pretty much worthless unless you also tell us WHY you like a pick.  It’s that simple.

I want to hear your REASONING. I need to know if you UNDERSTAND what you’re talking about. I must hear IN YOUR OWN WORDS what compels you to make a pick. If your analysis is solid, then it has value to an audience.

Otherwise, your pick is a waste of time.


This goes for amateur wanna-be’s and on-air personalities, alike. Posting a sports pick on a public forum with zero analysis….is worthless. Creating a video touting picks without analysis….is worthless. Touting a pick on television with no analysis….is worthless. No sports gambler betting real money would ever go along on a pick blindly without knowing the REASONS behind it.

Unfortunately, the clutter is getting worse. One of the unfortunate consequences of the increasing popularity of legalized sports betting has been an annoying noise-to-signal ratio. In fact, it’s all too much. Most sports gambling content nowadays is either marketing or mindless rubbish. You can’t watch a sporting event anymore without lots of valueless opinions combined with a constant barrage of ads from sports gambling companies (which I think is starting to dissuade people).

Do I expect this post to make any difference? Nope. The zone is already flooded with shit. But, we can sure hope for a cleanup.


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