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Life’s Way Too Short

Posted by on Aug 23, 2015 in Blog, Essays, Personal | 0 comments




No matter what the number — whether you live to be 25 or 55 or 95 — life’s way too short.

Indeed, time is our most precious resource, because it’s constantly diminishing.  No one thinks about this in their teens.  Only a few may consider this prospect in their 20’s or 30’s.  One begins pondering diminishing opportunities by their 40’s, and by the 50’s the prospect of mortality becomes very real.  I’m not sure exactly how one views time in their 60’s or 70’s, and beyond.  Let’s just say I hope to get there and write about it, someday.

There’s never enough time in the day, the week, the month, or the year to do all the things that interest us.  Not enough time to learn to play a musical instrument, and then practice at it to get better.  Not enough time to learn another foreign language.  Not enough time to meet all the people we want to see.  Not enough time to visit all the places we want to go.  And certainly not enough time to consume all the fascinating books out there, on a variety of different subjects just waiting to be picked up and read — horizons potentially broadened and outlooks sometimes changed by the printed word.

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Would You Ever Park in a Handicapped Space?

Posted by on Aug 23, 2015 in Blog, Essays, Personal, Travel | 8 comments


IMAG1482 (1)


It’s 10:15 on a Saturday night, and I can’t find a parking space.  Anywhere.

My restaurant of choice closes in exactly 15 minutes.  I haven’t eaten all day.  I’m starving.  I want Thai food.  Problem is, there’s no place to park my rental car within a quarter mile in any direction.  Suddenly, I seem to get lucky.

There’s a spot!  It’s empty!

Wait, not so fast.

It’s a handicapped space.  Shit!

Hmm, let me think about this situation for a moment.  Hey, I don’t see any handicapped people around.  I mean, it’s not like someone in a wheelchair is going to show up at this late hour, right?

What should I do?  What would you do?

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A Mouthful of Ants and a Fast Boat to Nowhere

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015 in Blog, General Poker, Personal, Travel | 4 comments


IMAG1458 (1)

With poker commentator Dave Tuchman on our fast boat to nowhere, out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


My morning began with a mouthful of ants.

By mid-afternoon, on a fast boat to nowhere out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, I rescued a dead fish.

Ten hours, one bottle of cheap wine, and a dozen overpriced cocktails later, by 2 am, I was pacing the sidewalk out in front of a downtown art gallery like a vagrant, screaming profanities through a plate-glass window at shitty paintings being sold at mind-numbing prices.

None of which has to do anything to do with poker, of course.

Just another day on location at “Poker Night in America,” this week in Florida.

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This Painting is a Hideous Piece of Shit

Posted by on Aug 20, 2015 in Blog, Essays, Personal, Rants and Raves, Travel | 4 comments


IMAG1474 (1)


Look at this hideous piece of shit.  Not me.  I mean, look at the painting.

After leaving a bar in downtown Fort Lauderdale last night at around 2 am, I stumbled by an art gallery with my poker pals Jason Neuman, Charlie Ciresi, and Kurt Dau.  That’s when we spotted this horrendous painting hanging near the front door.

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The Solution to Hillary’s Integrity Problem (Take a Lesson from John McCain)

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in Blog, Essays, Politics, What's Left | 3 comments




Admittedly, I would make a lousy political strategist.

I have no concept of how to appeal to the “average voter.”  I have no clue as to why the dopes and dummies of the broad electorate continue electing politicians who consistently act against the best interests of the American working class.  Call me an elitist — at least, I’ll admit it.  Anytime I hear a candidate — any candidate of either party — saying, “let’s make America great again,” I scream at the television, HOW?”  That’s not a plan you ass jokers, “making America great again” — that’s pandering to the lowest common jingoistic denominator.  Pandering, patronizing, and frankly pathetic.  Yet, dip shit voters lap up contrived campaign patriotism like thirsty basset hounds.

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Why Ross Leitz is an Inspiration

Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in Blog, Essays, Personal | 3 comments




If every journey begins with a single step forward, then Ross Leitz has run an incontrovertible marathon.

That’s not an easy thing to do when you’re a 6-foot, 4-inch grizzly bear of a man who once weighed nearly 500 pounds and currently resides in the foodie and drinkie capital of America, that great city of all temptation — New Orleans.

Since it’s unlikely many of you know Ross, I’d like to introduce him to you, and then explain why I think he’s such an inspiration on so many different levels.  He’s certainly an inspiration to me, and might be to you also — particularly if you’re struggling with any kind of serious problem and want to take back full control of your life.

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Is Hillary Clinton Already Doomed?

Posted by on Aug 16, 2015 in Blog, Essays, Politics, What's Left | 3 comments




With the 2016 presidential campaign already in full swing, the only thing missing at the moment appears to be to genuine enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton.

No one seems to be excited about her candidacy, not even hard-core Democrats and former Clintonites.  She’s become like the boring real estate agent standing around holding a glass of cheap chardonnay who somehow got invited to the cocktail party, the one common bond inking all the guests as disinterested eyes wander the room, desperate to break away in search of a better conversation.

So nice to see you again, Mrs. Clinton, how you doing?  I heard Joe Biden is coming — did he arrive yet?  Oh wait, is that Bernie Sanders there across the room?  Excuse me, see ya’ later.

Could Hillary Clinton already be doomed?

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Look What’s Cooking at Mon Ami Gabi (Paris Casino — Las Vegas)

Posted by on Aug 15, 2015 in Blog, Las Vegas, Personal, Restaurant Reviews | 0 comments




Moments after the final course was made from scratch, served, and promptly devoured at Mon Ami Gabi‘s renowned cooking class, I approached executive chef and part-owner Terry Lynch.  My only question was — when’s the next class coming up?  I was ready to pounce and make another reservation on the spot.  For anyone who enjoys learning more about culinary history, the fine art of cooking and devising original recipes, and/or simply adores eating great food and drinking specialty cocktails much like I do — this experience isn’t to be missed.

Mr. Lynch responded that Mon Ami Gabi does offer classes periodically (on average, about every six months).  They’re usually held on Saturdays from 10 am to noon.  He explained that December would normally be the host month for the next class.  However, Mr. Lynch said he was planning a month-long trip to Vietnam and Cambodia towards year end.  Why am I telling you this?  Allow me to explain.  I think it’s indicative of why all of Mr. Lynch’s restaurants are a stand out in terms of quality, value, and originality.

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Betting on the NFL Preseason

Posted by on Aug 14, 2015 in Blog, Sports Betting | 2 comments




One of the easiest ways to figure out if an NFL handicapper knows what he’s talking about is to ask his opinion of betting on preseason games.

Anyone who insists the preseason is either “unplayable” or “unbeatable” should be dismissed instantly as someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Don’t listen to anything else he says.  Run the other way!  Such opinion reveals a fundamental lack of understanding about the most important aspects of football handicapping — which are coaching philosophy, quarterbacking, roster depth, and motivation.  Injuries also merit a mention, but aren’t usually a key factor until the regular season.

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“Poker Night” on a Rush: An Update

Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in Blog, General Poker, Las Vegas | 0 comments




Excuse me while I shift into relentless brag mode.

“Poker Night in America” is on a rush right now (that’s a whimsical play on words, since we’re owned by Rush Street Productions).

The popular television show loaded with original content began airing on Sunday nights nearly 14 months ago.  New broadcasts currently appear on Monday nights in prime time (1o pm EST), with re-runs sporadically scattered the rest of the week, as well.  The PNIA crew has not only successfully conceptualized, filmed and produced a brand new 30-minute show every single week (for nearly 60 consecutive weeks — and counting!), they’re now getting ready to ramp up production even further and expand into new territory.  More details about the latest venture, a new weekly television series called “Poker Night: The Tour” will be announced shortly.


In the meantime, August will cap a phenomenal summer for the cast, crew, players, and viewers of PNIA.  Two enormously successful events wrapped up filming within the past two weeks, and two more innovative new shows are scheduled to switch into production later this month.  Not content to remain still and air the same concepts over and over, PNIA is determined to take some risks, push our boundaries, and hopefully boost mainstream interest in televised poker, and create greater enthusiasm for the game overall.

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