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Posted by on Mar 28, 2023 in Blog, Essays | 0 comments

My Sony Story




Many of us complain about inferior products and getting ripped off. Here’s the opposite perspective. I believe in giving praise when it’s due. The story:

Marieta and I were moving some furniture this morning when my prized Sony EZ Alarm Clock accidentally slipped off the nightstand and crashed onto the floor. Oh shit! I thought this would be the final chapter of the beloved clock that’s been my timeline for 60 percent of my life.

Backstory: I purchased this Sony in the Spring of 1986. It’s an unusual design. The reason I bought this particular model was that it’s very user-friendly….for setting alarms (I’ve always been an erratic sleeper so the alarm is important to me). Most clocks are not easy to set, or change. The Sony requires just the twist of a dial. Easy. I paid $26 for the Sony at Target. Back then, it was more expensive than most clocks, and now I understand why.

When I moved to Eastern Europe in 1989 (new job), I took the clock with me. I plugged it into a converter. Instantly, the clock started smoking. Electrical smoke is very strong, and I just knew I’d fried the insides. What the hell, I left it plugged in just for the radio. The clock time lagged behind because the electrical cycles were different. I just figured the clock was wasted. Fortunately, I didn’t throw it away.

Well, once back in the US, I plugged it into a US outlet and — the clock worked fine. It’s been keeping perfect time ever since. Except for a short time while in transit, that means this Sony has been ON and illuminated for 37 straight years, and still counting. The radio still works. The alarm has never failed me.  I sure got my $26 worth in value, and then some.

So, when it was laying on the floor today after a little accident, I just knew this was finally…..the end.

Well, I plugged it in, and viola! It works perfectly. If there’s ever a nuclear war, I won’t survive but think this Sony will.

I’ve heard of light bulbs lasting 100 years. Perhaps I should contact the Sony company and tell them about their amazing clock that’s maybe the best investment in electronics I’ve ever made.

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