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Posted by on Jun 23, 2014 in Blog, Essays, Politics, What's Left | 3 comments

What a “Sexy” Mugshot Reveals




There are times when a mugshot reveals something sinister about a criminal suspect.  Who among us doesn’t see the disturbing image of a dangerous man above capable of murderous acts of madness?

However, a mugshot taken recently that’s now circulating online exposes a far more dangerous sickness.  Not about him.  But about us.

You might have seen the criminal mugshot taken of a punk with tattoos who’s linked to gangs.  He’s the slime with the pretty blue eyes.  Well, his mugshot has inexplicably received 86,000 “likes” on Facebook.  Apparently, that’s the new currency of the rhelm within this superficial society.  Being “liked” by thousands of strangers now amounts to social acceptance.

Based on the comments and discussion, thousands of viewers expressed their opinion that the gang member in the mugshot looked rather cute.  “Hot” and “sexy” were a few of the words used to describe the repeat felon from Stockton, California.  STORY LINK HERE

Gee, I wonder.  How “hot” and “sexy” would that piece of shit look while he’s raping your grandmother?  How hot and sexy would that be?

Of course, superficiality is nothing new in the age of Karashians, where lip-synching pop queens top the music charts, where the most popular Italian restaurant in the country is Olive Garden, and where the average attention span of the masses is measured in seconds rather than minutes.

Just as with our television shows and music, as well as our restaurant choices and online habits, it’s the same with criminals and convicts.  We used to say — “If it feels good, do it.”  Now it’s — “Iif it looks good, embrace it.”

We’re obsessed with style at the cost of subtance.  This goes for all facets of society.  We judge those who we elect based on their appearances.  We listen to music based on what the performer looks like.  We watch televisions shows with pretty people in them.  Meanwhile, newspapers are folding.  Publication houses are shutting down.  This all happens while an 18-year-old androngenous Internet sensation commands a six-figure deal just for eating Taco Bell on camera.  It’s fucking lunacy.

Where are we headed?  The answer is frightening.  There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that that Abraham Lincoln couldn’t be elected today.  Probably the same goes for FDR and LBJ, as well.  Take a look at each of our recent presidents — all considered by most to be above average-looking.  As though that has anything at all to do with running a country.

We’re going to pay a price for all this.  Indeed, we’re already paying for it.  It’s called dumbing down.  America is in decline in every single meaningful category, except for gun deaths, wars, and income inequality.  Half the kids in school can’t find Mexico on a map.

And so it doesn’t matter what the creeps do anymore.  Whether they rape or steal or commit acts of senseless violence — it’s what they look like that matters.  Now, the scum in the mugshot has even reportedly been offered a modeling job.  What next?  A music video?  A TV show?  A run for office?  Would anyone be surprised?

We already have plenty of teachers screwing their students.  Big deal, so long as the offender it cute.  We don’t seem to care much about the crime so long as the people commiting these acts are sexy.  You tell me the difference between a female teacher who seduces a minor and what Jerry Sandusky did.  The hottie becomes a latenight talk show punchline, and we whistle and laugh.  Meanwhile, Sandusky is a pervert who goes to jail for life.  The only difference between the crimes the face in the mugshot.  One is pretty.  The other isn’t.

A generation ago, many vulnerable women thought that a certain man of about 30 years old was hot-looking.  Indeed, after he was finally arrested and convicted, all reports were that he was a real charmer.  He was charismatic.  He could have been a model, too.  Sadly, none of his 30 victims knew the real side of this serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and necrophile who first assaulted and then carved up numerous young women during the 1970s and 1980s.

His name was Ted Bundy.  He was sexy, too.


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Posted by on Jun 18, 2014 in Blog, Essays, Politics, What's Left | 6 comments

The Blame for All Our Problems




There are lots of reasons to be pissed off right now.

The economy sucks.  Trust in our leaders is broken.  We’re always at war.  Environmental conditions worsen.  Corruption goes unpunished.  Personal freedoms are evaporating.  Prisons are at full capacity.  Corporations run amuck.

Meanwhile, we grow increasingly obese.  Much of what we eat and drink contains toxins.  Our health care costs skyrocket.  One-third of the country is suffering from a drought.

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Posted by on Jun 13, 2014 in Blog, Politics | 1 comment

2014 World Cup: What Do Athletes Represent Exactly?



The infamous 1973 World Cup qualifying match between Chile and the (absent) Soviet Union, held at National Stadium in Santiago, shortly after the brutal military coup led by Pinochet.


Preface:  The 2014 World Cup starts this week.  Here’s something to think about when we watch athletes from nations with distasteful governments.


On the afternoon of November 21, 1973, the Chilean national soccer team lined up at midfield for the start of what was to be a sudden-death playoff game.  The outcome of that match would determine which nation would be the last to qualify for the FIFA World Cup, which was to be held the following year in Germany.

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Just When You Thought the Republican Party Couldn’t Get Any Wackier




Hell hath frozen over with today’s reaction to the stunning news out of Virginia.

Far be it for me to defend Congressman Eric Cantor.  But what were the voters of that crackpot district in central Virgina thinking when the gave the powerful House Majority Leader the boot in favor of some Tea Bag candidate holding a pitchfork?

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Posted by on May 24, 2014 in Blog, Movie Reviews, Politics, What's Left | 0 comments

Gore Vidal and the United States of Amnesia




Gore Vidal had style.

He once famously wrote, “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to do, and not giving a damn.”

The controversial writer and perpetual protagonist certainly knew who he was.  He knew precisely what he wanted to do.  And there’s little doubt that he didn’t give a damn what others either said or thought.  It matters not where you’re positioned on the political map — one has to admire that feisty spirit.

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