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Posted by on Sep 28, 2020 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

My Debate Advice for Joe Biden



On the eve of the first presidential debate, here’s my advice for Joe Biden.



1.  SILENCE THE MICS — First, please tell me the Biden-Harris campaign insisted the microphone be silenced when the candidate is not speaking. This should have been Precondition #1 for holding a debate. Trump (or Biden) should never be permitted to interrupt and bully the opponent while he’s on the clock answering a question. But that’s precisely what will happen. In 2016, we witnessed dozens of annoying interruptions by Trump when rudely blustered his way into the speaking time of Hillary Clinton. THIS SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTED. I suspect the DNC probably dropped the ball here, and we’ll be in for a clusterfuck of interruptions.

2. OUT-TRUMP TRUMP — If Trump is allowed to constantly interrupt, then that calls for a total revision of strategy: I strongly recommend Biden simply begin to talk over Trump the entire time. Fuck him. Treat him like a blabbering 2-year-old with nothing to say. Every line, Biden should just bark out — “you’re lying.” As Trump attempts to continue, yell out — “you’re lying, again.” Just fucking full-metal jacket his ass. Give Trump a double dose of interruption. Don’t let up. If Trump sets the tone, then sling back a double shitshow. If that’s how the debate is going to play out, bring a bigger gun to the gunfight.

3. NO TIME TO BE NICE:  Dear Joe: Do NOT shake his hand. Don’t pretend this is a normal political debate. It isn’t. Trump doesn’t deserve any respect. Stand your ground. Act like your handshake acts means something, that it’s bestowed when merited. For years, Trump has name-called and hurled personal insults against Biden. He made it personal. So, don’t grant him the rudiments of personal admiration. The COVID restrictions on social distancing should also make this an easy thing to do. DO NOT SHAKE HIS HAND.

4. SET THE NARRATIVE AND STICK TO IT — Make this debate about character, honesty, performance, and hope. Character — Trump versus Biden (that’s an easy win for you). Honesty (that’s an easy win for you). Performance (that’s an easy win for you, especially the Obama years versus the Trump era). Hope (this is a slam dunk for you — Trump peddles fear, you offer hope).

5. ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE — Talk to one segment of the audience — and that is White working-class voters. That’s the swing vote. That’s who will decide this race — in MI, OH, PA, and WI. Get them on your side. This isn’t the time or place to push BLM grievances or gay rights or other issues outside of the industrial rust-belt wheelhouse. Speak to them, about their problems.

6. ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK — Avoid discussing petty details. Your many years working in the US Senate created a tendency to debate figures and fumble over numbers that aren’t understood by most Americans. No one cares. No one is going to change their votes over your Senate record, or the latest data from OMB or BLS. Stick to Trump’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities, which are overwhelming and obvious.

7. SELL NORMALITY — Sell normality. Promise a return to NORMAL. Offer a respite from bitter partisanship. Push the narrative that we’re all sick of politics and scandals. This is a win if you can sell it to the American people. No one wants more politics. We want less. OFFER THAT.

8. BE HONEST — Be HONEST with the American people. Tell us, the next four years are not going to be easy. Trump has created such a steaming pile of shit, that it will take a long time to clean up the carnage. Years. Maybe a decade. So, don’t overpromise on what you can’t deliver. And make sure to repeat that Trump has created the BIGGEST DEFICIT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Make this point understandable by linking it to running up all the credit cards, and now we’re broke. Trump ran up all the national credit cards with idiot spending and “tax cuts” for the rich. Hammer him on this.

9. FUCK YOUR ENDORSEMENTS — We don’t care who endorses you politically, Joe. Don’t bring up “the establishment,” or that lots of Republicans are voting for you. We get that. It’s nice. But it also re-frames the debate into a contest between INSIDERS versus OUTSIDERS. And, you can’t win on that playing field. Sure, Trump is dirty as fuck and is the ultimate swamp creature. But don’t allow him to hijack the debates with the illusion he’s for working-class Americans against the establishment. Run from those big names (at least in the debate), because they don’t help. They hurt, especially with undecideds and independents.

10. BE A PITBULL — Finally, don’t be nice. Being “nice” doesn’t work with Trump. Treat him like an unrepentant criminal under cross-examination inside a courtroom. Go after his bribing porn stars. Go after him cheating on all his wives. Go after his bankruptcies. Go after him fucking college students with his fraud university. Go after him screwing charities. Go after him insulting veterans — repeatedly. Go after him failing to defend American soldiers when there was a bounty on their heads. NEVER LET UP. NEVER LET GO. Pitbull his neck. Go after him on issues he can’t possibly defend. And, if he interrupts, then when he’s explaining his indefensible actions, INTERRUPT HIM and CALL HIM OUT AS A LIAR. Make it nasty. We want to see a fighter, not a pushover.

Do these ten things, Joe — and you’ll destroy Trump in the debates.

Nolan Dalla
(Your Debate Coach)

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