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Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Blog, Facing the Firing Squad, Politics | 1 comment

Facing the Firing Squad: Linda Kenney Baden





Not many are portrayed in a movie by an Academy Award-winning actress.

So, how exactly shall I introduce Linda Kenney Baden, other than to say even though Helen Mirren won a Screen Actor’s Guild award for her spot-on likeness of the famed New York City criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, the far more interesting drama has been played out in the real-life experiences of Kenney Baden, for all her personal and professional accomplishments.

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Posted by on Sep 7, 2015 in Blog, Politics | 1 comment

What’s Caused America’s Widening Income Gap?



Here’s what American conservatives once supported.


The super-rich never had it so good.  At least not since the late 19th Century, a reprehensible period in American history known as the Gilded Age when wealthy robber barons in mansions and plantations treated the working class like farm animals, and the government did next to nothing to help common people.  In other words, unbridled capitalism and conservatism at its unapologetic worst.

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Posted by on Sep 4, 2015 in Blog, Politics | 0 comments

The Ominous Parallels Between 2015 Kim Davis and 1963 George Wallace



In 1963, an elected public official named George Wallace openly defies federal law, denying equality.


Justice over bigotry shall ultimately prevail in Kentucky.

But let us not forget the disgraced bigot who openly stood in defiance, blocking a public doorway, thwarting the U.S. Constitution, and obstructing the basic freedoms of others.  Moreover, let us remember all those repugnant voices who joined in on the spectacle and openly defended such bigotry under the false pretenses of “religious freedom” and “states rights.”

Presumably the land of liberty and equality, America has witnessed this shameful moment before.

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