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Posted by on Dec 23, 2014 in Blog, Essays, Personal, Politics | 3 comments

The Great Escape and Bloody Execution of Nicolae Ceausescu




Writer’s Note:  This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Romanian Revolution.  This is the first in a serious of articles which recalls my first-hand account of the uprising in Bucharest between December 21-25, 1989.    


Four days after making a dreadful miscalculation and delivering his final rambling speech to a crowd of more than 100,000 stoic sycophants from the grand balcony of the Communist Party Central Committee Building in Bucharest, and while the Romanian nation watched breathlessly on live television, dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena would gunned down by a firing squad on Christmas Day.

Now 25 years later, several questions about the Ceausescu’s final days remain unanswered.

How could Ceausescu’s iron fist lose its mighty grip on power so quickly and so completely?  How did his situation manage to deteriorate so badly for him?  He’d ruled his nation as a archetypal cult figure for 24 years.  Yet, his body ended up crumpled against a wall, riddled with bullets fired from a makeshift execution squad made up of Romanian Army paratroopers who were hastily assembled at a military base in the small town of Targoviste, just outside Bucharest.

What happened?

This is the story of what I witnessed in central Bucharest during those days which led to the downfall of Communist rule in Romania.

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Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Blog, Movie Reviews, Politics, Rants and Raves | 2 comments

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Kicks Sony’s Gutless Ass




You fucking cowards.  You’re pathetic.

I’m talking to you — Sony, Regal Cinemas, Cinemark, Cineplex, Carmike Cinemas, and AMC Theaters.

Each of your companies should be ashamed for yanking the new movie, “The Interview,” which was going to be released next week.

Why was the movie’s opening night cancelled after so much advertising and media fanfare surrounding its premier?  Because you’re afraid some computer hackers over in North Korea might continue making you look like fools.  They’ve already drilled into your personal files and basically sent you scurrying all over Burbank like rats, hastily issuing apologies and releasing canned statements to the press which desperately try to undo the damage you’ve done.  Now, a bunch of commie slaves chained somewhere inside a Pyongyang dungeon have trampled over your firewalls and are rampaging through your IT system like a band of coked-up Genghis Khans hunting for Scarface’s mansion.

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Posted by on Dec 17, 2014 in Blog, Essays, Politics, Travel, What's Left | 0 comments

Cuba Libre




Today’s breaking news that the United States of America might finally normalize diplomatic relations with the island nation of Cuba comes as a long-overdue surprise and welcome stunner.

The arguments in favor of such a bold new foreign policy adjustment — based on a 21st Century vision of the world we now live in, rather than outdated Cold War sentiment drummed up back when President Eisenhower was in the White House — do seem so overwhelming, that space in this article won’t be wasted away justifying what should clearly be obvious.  Normalizing U.S.-Cuba relations is not only politically wise for the vast majority of citizens of both countries, but morally it is the right thing to do.

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Posted by on Dec 3, 2014 in Blog, Politics, Rants and Raves, Uncategorized, What's Left | 8 comments

Things We Should (Probably) Do That Might Sound Ridiculous




Today’s essay should piss off of lots of people.

Eureka!  At least I’ve found one thing I’m good at.

Let’s talk about things that are practical, but seemingly ridiculous.  In other words, let’s discuss some crazy ideas that actually make perfect sense, but which are unlikely ever to be taken seriously let alone adopted by mainstream society.

Here are five things (probably) worth considering:

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Posted by on Nov 28, 2014 in Blog, General Poker, Politics, Sports Betting | 0 comments

An Open Challenge to Blanche Lincoln and the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG)




In her utterly embarrassing and thoroughly discredited appearance on Mike Huckabee’s FOX News program earlier this week, former Sen. Blanche Lincoln made our task way too easy.

The former senator from Arkansas made so many inaccurate statements and committed such a multitude of factual blunders that conspiracy theorists might reasonably suspect she’s actually a plant working for the other side.

Seriously, she was that bad.

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