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Many wines tell a story and this bottle reads like the finest prose of Ludovico Ariosto.

Some time ago, I made an overtly simpleton remark as to not liking Italian wines. Such a comment isn’t merely shallow and uneducated, it’s downright blasphemous. Still, strictly as a matter of personal taste, I do not buy, nor try, nor drink Italian wines in my routine. Absurdly biased as this geographic discrimination is on my part, the “Italian section” of a wine store is the last place I’m checking out that’s not labeled with “Sale: Malt Liquor.”

My dear comrade Stevan H. Goldman was apparently miffed by my wine prejudice and in an attempt to educate and persuade, he gifted me a few bottles of a wine that I’d never sampled nor heard of before. Ladies and gentlemen — say hello to my little friend: Meet ARGENTIERA.

They say all good things are worth waiting for, and Marieta and I waited until New Year’s Day to open this window to Tuscany, and the delayed gratification made our experience all the grander. Registering in at $100, this is a wine way beyond the price point of my comfort zone, and so the glory was reserved for a special occasion, all thanks to Mr. Goldman.

The ARGENTIERA is certainly one of the best 100 wines I’ve ever had, and probably Top 50. It’s stellar. Spectacular. Splendid. Stunning. Did I mention that I liked it?

Mea culpa, Italy.

“Argentiera, our Bolgheri Superiore, is a wine with a rich and silky taste whose grapes come from the most dedicated vineyards of Tenuta Argentiera. The long fining in French oak barrique, the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and the unique terroir of Tenuta Argenitera, make this wine one of the highest expressions of the Bolgheri area.”

50 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 30 pct. Merlot, 1 pct. Cabernet Franc and 5 pct. Petit Verdot and aged in oak for 12 months. Drinks like a full-bodied Bourdeaux. The tannins, which turn me away from so many Italian wines, is minimal, but actually enhances a long, elegant finish.

Everything about this wine clicked. I even reserved one glass to drink the following day (left in a bottle in the refrigerator overnight) to see if it loses any of its characteristics after being opened and allowed to escape. This beauty was every bit as tasty a day later as when it opened up about 30 minutes after de-corking. What a stupendous experience. What a lovely wine memory.

Expensive? Yes. Worth every penny? Assolutamente!

Grade (100 point scale): 98
Value: (10 point scale): 6
Price: $100
Recommended: Yes.

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