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Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Blog, General Poker | 0 comments

Player Lineups Announced for Sugar House Philadelphia (Poker Night in America)




Philadelphia’s Sugar House Casino is the next stop for the popular television series, Poker Night in America.  Action will be filmed April 26-28th.  This marks the first time ever that Poker Night in America cameras have visited Philadelphia.

Player lineups include an fascinating mix of seasoned pros, local celebrities, and first-timers.  The game is also quite Philadelphia-centric, as several of the participants are from the city and surrounding area.

After “Ladies Night 2” completes on play the first day of filming held on Sunday, two additional days of high stakes cash games will be played on Monday and Tuesday.  Play is expected to take place starting at 3 pm EST and runs until midnight each day.  All action, with live commentary and hole cards being shown, will be carried on a live stream, which can be seen at the official Poker Night in America website — LINK HERE.

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“Ladies Night 2” Lineup Announced for Poker Night in America




Last fall, when Todd Anderson, the creator and executive producer of Poker Night in America suggested that we host and televise a “ladies only” high-stakes cash game, I thought he was crazy.

Call me biased.  Call me chauvinistic.  Call me pessimistic.  I didn’t see any possibility that we’d find at least a dozen or so women who would be willing to post the required $5,000-$20,000 buy-in.  Anderson brushed off my concerns and made his announcement on Twitter.  Within an hour, the game was filled up and there was an alternate list.  My phone blew up with texts and calls.  Two weeks later, we were still turning away requests from women, not just in America but from overseas as well, who all wanted to sit in the game and be featured on one of the post popular television programs on the CBS Sports Network.

Boy, was I wrong.  Oops.  Instead make that — girl, was I wrong.

Well, that game which was filmed at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL turned out to be one of most entertaining poker sessions we’ve ever covered.  Moreover, it also produced multiple episodes for television which became our highest-rated shows.  So then, it’s time to open a new table, turn on the lights, and deal the cards.  “Ladies Night 2” is about to become a reality.

“Ladies Night 2” will be played on Sunday, April 26th at the Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia, PA.  The game will run approximately 3 pm until midnight EST and will be posted on a live stream, to be shown at the official POKER NIGHT IN AMERICA website.  Highlights, player interviews, and special features will also be edited for later broadcast on the weekly show.

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How to Tell if Someone Really Understands Poker and Poker Players




Late one evening in 1973, during the midst of the Watergate scandal when American democracy teetered in the brink of collapse, a young and enterprising beat reporter named Carl Bernstein who wrote for The Washington Post telephoned the Attorney General of the United States of America.

Bernstein sought a response from the highest law enforcement official in the country to substantiated allegations the White House was involved a crime and cover up that would ultimately force the President to resign from office.  The phone rang at 11 pm and was picked up by Attorney General John Mitchell who was apparently sleeping at the time of the interruption.

“This is Carl Bernstein of The Washington Post,” the reporter said.  “Tomorrow, we’re running a story on the front page which claims officials in the White House knew about the break in at Watergate and attempted to cover it up.  Do you have any comment?”

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Panel Discussion at the Paddy Power Poker Irish Open


L to R:  Kara Scott, Mike Sexton, Nolan Dalla, Padraig Parkinson

L to R: Kara Scott, Mike Sexton, Nolan Dalla, Padraig Parkinson


What’s the world’s second-longest running poker tournament, behind only the World Series of Poker?

If you glanced at the title, you probably guessed correctly.  The answer is — the Irish Poker Open.

First played in 1980, the Irish Poker Open has always been a “Who’s Who” of the game’s premier players, not only within Europe, but from just about everywhere.  Even poker’s greatest legends came over here all the way from America, most notably Doyle Brunson, “Amarillo Slim” Preston, Puggy Pearson, Chip Reese, and Stu Ungar, back in 1984.  The Irish developed a reputation for both hospitality and action, and an everlasting bond was formed between players on both sides of the Atlantic which continues to this day.

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