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Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in Blog, General Poker, Personal | 0 comments

Highlights from “Poker Night in America” at Philadelphia’s Sugar House




Poker Night in America made a first-time visit to Philadelphia this past weekend.  The ever-expanding and constantly improving Sugar House Casino hosted three fun-filled days of high-stakes poker action, which were filmed for the popular weekly show on the CBS Sports Network (tune in Monday nights).  This series of shows is expected to air sometime next fall, during Season 3.

Here are some of the highlights of what happened at the poker table during our production:

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It’s Scary Out There


PSNolan Dalla and Dan Goldman

Nolan Dalla (left) and Dan Goldman (right) at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas, in 2006


Dan Goldman and I have worked together on lots of projects over the years.  Not only has Dan been a great friend to me since we’ve known each other during the past 15 years, or so.  He’s also taught me a lot about the poker business, especially when it comes to the many ways advances in technology have impacted the game.

If you want to know more about some of the behind the scenes stories as to what working in the poker business is really like, including lots of fun stuff, I urge you to read some of the stories he’s now sharing regularly with his readers.  CHECK OUT DAN GOLDMAN’S BLOG HERE

For those who don’t know as much, Dan served as the head of marketing for for nearly ten years.  We worked together at PokerStars for three of those years, when he hired me as the company’s Director of Communications.  Dan was always an “ideas” man.  What that means was — he loved to dream up new and sometimes crazy ideas and then work towards making them happen.  I think one of the reasons eventually became the world’s biggest poker site was, at least in part, due to Dan’s innate creativity.

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Ladies Night 2 Wraps Up at Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia



Left to Right: Top Row — Nancy Levin, Cate Hall, Wendy Hamilton (General Manager–Sugar House), Samantha Abernathy, Jessica Dawley, Jennifer Shahade, Christina Lindley Bottom Row — Karina Jett, Beth Shak, Natasha Barbour (Jamie Kerstetter not pictured)


The much anticipated encore presentation of “Ladies Night,” which is the first-ever intermittent series of high-stakes cash games exclusively for women, has just wrapped up another big day of filming, with plenty of action and excitement.  The game is expected to be shown this fall on the hit television show, Poker Night in America, which appears weekly on Monday nights on the CBS Sports Network.

The Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia hosted “Ladies Night 2,” held inside the packed poker room on Sunday, April 26th.  Nine women, plus one male trespasser played in the unusual No-Limit Hold’em game, with $25-50 blinds.  Buy ins ranged from $5,000 up to $20,000.

Samantha Abernathy came out as the biggest winner of the day, by far.  She crushed the game, winning in excess of three times her original buy in.

The starting lineup included — Samantha Abernathy, Natasha Barbour, Jessica Dawley (888poker pro), Cate Hall, Karina Jett, Jamie Kerstetter, Nancy Levin, Christina Lindley, Beth Shak, and Jennifer Shahade.

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Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence: Four Poker Pros Now Playing Heads-Up against Computer Program “Claudico”



The official scoreboard page for “Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence” poker challenge, taking place right now at the Rivers Casino, in Pittsburgh. “Claudico” is a computer program designed by a team at Carnegie Mellon University, led by Dr. Tuomas W. Sandholm




Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence:  Four Poker Pros Now Playing Heads-Up against Computer Program “Claudico”


Tuomas W. Sandholm, Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Introduces an Intriguing Poker Challenge at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, April 24th — May 7th


Two-week long man versus computer matches now being lived-streamed; to be featured later on “Poker Night in America” shown weekly on the CBS Sports Network


Pittsburgh, PA (April 24, 2015) — Which is superior – man or machine?  More specifically, which side would win a lengthy series of heads-up poker games, including as many as 80,000 hands, the human brain or an optimally designed software program created by one of the nation’s top universities?

Dr. Tuomas W. Sandholm, Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA hopes to solve this mystery, at least when it comes to the popular poker game known as Texas Hold’em.

Sandholm and his project, a computer program named “Claudico,” is taking on four top heads-up poker pros in a series of poker games now being held at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.  The poker games will take place over a two-week period, starting today April 24th and running through May 7th.

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Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in Blog, General Poker, Personal | 1 comment

The Best Performance Ever by a Poker Player on “Jeopardy” — Eddie Timanus


eddie timanus jeoprady


Introduction:  There’s been a whirlwind of media coverage recently about former poker pro Alex Jacobs, and his six-day run on the television game show, “Jeopardy.”  No doubt, Jacobs put on an amazing display of intellectual prowess and challenged conventional game strategy about how “Jeopardy” should optimally be played.  However, Jacobs’ success wasn’t the most impressive performance ever by a poker player.  In this column, I’ll introduce you to who someone who was even more memorable.  His name was Eddie Timanus, and chances are, you’ve probably never heard of him.  Until now.


One does not expect to encounter someone who is truly amazing in a $5-10 Limit Omaha High-Low Split game, and certainly not in the poker room at Bally’s in Atlantic City back in 1997.

As I took my seat, I noticed another player in the game who had a friend brushed up closely behind his chair, whispering cards into his ear.  Normally, this would violate the “one player to a hand” rule.  However, something here was quite unusual.  The player was blind.

Playing hold’em, which requires memorizing two hole cards and then connecting one’s hand to the five board cards would be challenging enough.  However, the added complexity of remembering four hole cards, plus the five board cards, along with all the suits, and then figuring out if there’s an eight-low qualifier for the low hand would seem to make playing Omaha High-Low Split far more difficult, if not impossible.  Try it sometime.  Close your eyes and imagine.

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