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Posted by on Jul 19, 2014 in Blog, Book Reviews, General Poker, Video 1 | 0 comments

More on Anthony Holden’s “Big Deal” (Video)




Shortly after writing and posting my list of the best non-fiction poker narratives ever written, I made a lengthy video which expounded upon the reasons why various books were selected.  READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

Unfortunately, the video was cut short, leaving many viewers to wonder why I selected Anthony Holden’s “Big Deal” in the top position.

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Posted by on Jul 3, 2014 in Blog | 5 comments

The Shadow of Chad Brown’s Smile




Writer’s Note:  Late last night, Chad Brown passed away in New York City, the place of his birth.  He died at the excruciatingly unjust age of 52.  I was asked to write a tribute to Chad, which appears HERE at  Writing that narrative reminded me of an afternoon with him earlier this year.  I had the opportunity to visit Chad here in Las Vegas.  At the time, he was staying with Vanessa Rousso.  Although the pair had already been divorced for a few years by then, they remained very close and were good friends until the very end of his life.  Accompanying me on that day was Rich Korbin, the longtime marketing executive at  This is the story of that special time and place.

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Announcing: 888Poker to Sponsor “Poker Night in America”




Note:  Last week, we announced “Poker Night in America’s” new deal with CBS Sports.  The first show airs this Sunday night.  We’ll be on for 26 consecutive weeks, running through the end of the year.  More breaking news with today’s announcement that 888Poker will be a sponsor.  Read  more:  “POKER NIGHT IN AMERICA” — POKER’S NEXT BIG THING, by Robbie Strazynski


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Five-Card Draw Dealt at WSOP for First Time in 32 Years




David Sklansky was dragging the final pot of the tournament the last time that ancient mariner of all poker games was dealt out at the World Series of Poker.  That was way back in 1982, when the oldest poker game on record was played one final time.

Five-Card Draw was always the game played by our fathers and grandfathers.  Perhaps a few grandmothers, too.  It was the poker game spread on the battlefields of World War II, played by soldiers passing the time.  It was the game which usually appeared in movies, at least up until Rounders and the poker boom changed everything.

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“Poker Night in America” Set to Debut on CBS Sports


“Poker Night in America” Set for Weekly Telecast on CBS Sports Network

New Poker-Themed Reality Show Will Appear Nationally on Sunday Nights


Las Vegas, NV – “Poker Night in America,” announced today the signing of a telecast agreement with CBS Sports Network.  The agreement will bring the cutting-edge poker-themed television show to a national audience for the first time.  The series will run for 26 consecutive weeks, starting on June 29th, 2014 at 10:00pm Eastern, 7:00pm Pacific.

The Sunday night weekly telecasts will run from June 29th to the last Sunday in December.

“We’re making poker fun again – that’s our real goal,” said Todd Anderson, the show’s creator and president.  “We think poker players and fans have been looking for something new and fresh for a long time.  We believe ‘Poker Night in America’ will soon become must-see television for all serious players and fans.  Our tag-ling says it all “bringing personality back to poker.”

The deal with CBS Sports network, which is available in over 99 million American households, is expected to enhance enthusiasm for a game that first took off in 2003.   With a guaranteed mix of interesting characters, from professional poker players to amateurs, there’s a lot to cheer for, depending on the player and where the event is taking place.

Show creators envision something new every single week because of the revolving cast of characters.  Show episodes and notable stars from each show will be announced soon.  “Poker Night in America” has already filmed at four locations, thus far – with more planned for the rest of this year, and beyond.  Action started off in 2013 at Turning Stone Resort in Upstate New York.  The action shifted to the Reno Peppermill last October followed by the Rivers in Pittsburgh last November.  Most recently, Maryland Live, became the show’s host.  The show’s creators were so happy with the course of events, a second filming session will take place at Maryland Live July 26-29.

For additional information, please contact:

Nolan Dalla

Poker Night in America – Creative Director



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