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Posted by on Apr 2, 2015 in Blog, General Poker, Travel | 1 comment

My Arrival in Dublin (2015 Paddy Power Poker Irish Open)




Writing about a city where I’ve never traveled to before and know virtually nothing about seems inherently foolish and naively arrogant — two qualities that I’ve undoubtedly mastered far beyond reparation.

Until now, Dublin was just an ink spot on a map, an brief episode on Rick Steves Europe, and we all know of course — the home of Guinness, which I’ve been told is a popular brand of beer.  I also knew Dublin to be the substantive and spiritual muse for many great writers — including James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and George Bernard Shaw, to name but a few.  It’s also the home of my own musical lion, Van Morrison.  Oh, and U-2 also.  Other than those Irish peculiarities, and a few castles, there isn’t much else here to see.

I’ve been granted both a gift and an opportunity to change that ridiculous previous statement and broaden my horizons.  My dear friend Padraig Parkinson asked me to fly over the Atlantic and attend the 2015 Paddy Power Poker Irish Open, and celebrate the 36th-year anniversary of the Irish poker scene’s beginnings, which I’ll be writing about a bit more.  The PPPO will be played here in Dublin over the next week.  [READ MORE ABOUT PADRAIG PARKINSON HERE].

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Posted by on Mar 26, 2015 in Blog, General Poker, Personal | 1 comment

Poker Etiquette, Jack Daniels Style




Introduction:  What an honor to be quoted so extensively at one of the premier go to sources in journalism.  No, not The Wall Street Journal.  Not The Washington Post.  Not even the Chicago Tribune.  I’m talking about the official Jack Daniels website, of course.


A writer from the Jack Daniels website called me up recently and wanted to know something about poker etiquette.

The sour irony that the widespread popularity of the writer’s own product has been at least partially responsible for the subversion of etiquette in more social gatherings than just poker games wasn’t entirely lost on me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy an occasional drink, now and then, and relish the prospect of an open bottle of Jack Daniels and several shot glasses strewn out across the green felt of any table.  I say, deal the cards and let the free pouring begin.

That said, the cozy bond between your typical friendly poker game and the consumption of an adult beverage remains unbroken.  Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer or a cocktail while playing cards among friends?  Even within professional poker circles including high-stakes games, I’ve always thought the cause-effect relationship between drinking and poor play was a bit overstated.

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Posted by on Mar 12, 2015 in Blog, General Poker | 0 comments

Philadelphia Announced as the Next Stop for “Poker Night in America” TV




Philadelphia’s Sugar House Casino Hosts “Poker Night in America’s” Next Stop — April 26-28

High-Stakes Cash Games Include Appearance by Phil Hellmuth and “Ladies Night II” on Live Stream


PHILADELPHIA — March 12, 2015 — SugarHouse Casino will host its first-ever major poker tournament in conjunction with “Poker Night in America,” as the weekly hit television show makes its next stop at the Philadelphia casino April 26-28, 2015.  Three days of high-stakes cash games will be streamed live online and recorded for later viewing in 2015.

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Posted by on Mar 2, 2015 in Blog, General Poker | 7 comments

My Thoughts on Steve Lipscomb’s “Lifetime Achievement Award”




Steve Lipsomb was honored recently with a special “Lifetime Achievement Award.”  The honor was presented at the 2015 American Poker Awards, held last Friday evening at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.  Those in attendance included about 250 poker luminaries, including 14 other honorees.

I’d like to share a few thoughts about Mr. Lipscomb, which aren’t widely known.  I’d also like to tell a personal story about a somewhat lengthy encounter I had with Lipscomb many years ago which made quite and impression on me and is indicative of the type of person he is.  It also explains, at least in part, why he was the perfect recipient for this inaugural recognition.

First, I’ll borrow a line from Lipscomb spoken during his acceptance speech.  As he was handed the award and stepped up to the microphone at the APA, Lipscomb remarked something to the effect, “just in case you’ve only been in poker five years of less, I’m Steve Lipscomb.”

To which I reply — how could we forget?

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Posted by on Mar 1, 2015 in Blog, General Poker, Personal | 2 comments

2015 American Poker Awards Draws a Full House




The inaugural American Poker Awards presentation was held Friday night at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.  The awards ceremony and a preceding all-day conference were created and organized by Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of the Global Poker Index and the Hendon Mob.  Call this poker’s equivalent of the Oscars, which was intended to recognize the game’s most accomplished players over the previous year, as well as honor those who work the elevate and grow the game behind the scenes.

Here are some of my personal experiences and observations on what turned out to be quite a memorable day and evening:

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