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Posted by on Oct 4, 2020 in Blog, Essays, Music and Concert Reviews | 0 comments

Does Today’s Music Suck? [Video]



Matt Lessinger and I just released another edition of AN INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION.  It’s our new podcast.

I ask — does modern music suck?

This is one of the very few occasions in recent memory I can remember where my opinion changed on two topics. Matt’s arguments were so informed and convincing that I came away with a different viewpoint after 90 minutes of conversation. If you’re into music, see if you agree.

I was also fascinated with Matt’s tutorial on the history of rap and hip hop music. That’s probably not a topic that would normally interest many of my readers, but Matt’s subject knowledge and passion made this a terrific exchange.

I hope some readers and listeners are enjoying this series as much as Matt and I look forward to doing AN INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION, which is an unscripted hour-and-a-half on a variety of subjects. We’ll be releasing a new segment every week.

At the very least, some listeners might enjoy a deviation away from the draining hostility of current events.

0:02 – Intro

8:08 – The #1 song in the United States is WHAT??

16:48 – People are incredibly passionate about their music.

20:47 – Good, original music is harder and harder to make as time goes on.

22:44 – Most people think the music from their era was the best.

25:13 – A brief discussion of rap.

35:12 – Where do we go from here? (EDM!)

40:50 – Our pull-the-car-over moments in music.

51:07 – What will the early 90s be remembered for?

1:00:45 – EDM and instrument-based music aren’t entirely mutually exclusive.

1:07:20 – Music brings us together, even in an era of isolation.

1:10:06 – Are musicians past their prime at 30?

1:21:23 – Giving props to longevity and boos to plagiarism.

1:26:50 – Final thoughts and Matt’s best song of the past decade.


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