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Posted by on Oct 26, 2020 in Blog, Essays, Politics, Video 1, What's Left | 0 comments

An Intelligent Conversation (Podcast): How Does the Media Impact Us?



Here’s our latest edition of the weekly podcast, “An Intelligent Conversation.”
A few topics we discuss include:
— Can we trust the media?
— Is the media fair-minded?
— Is the media biased?
— Which is better to be informed: print media or electronic media?
— Is social media a contributor or a distraction?
— How has media changed and how will it impact us in the future?
— Does the media have a responsibility to provide a public service, or are they like any other for-profit entity?
— What does a Biden win vs. a Trump re-election in 2020 mean for the media, and us, and seeking the truth?
0:05 – Intro
5:36 – Nolan’s first job in the media lasted only seven hours!
8:42 – Newspapers vs. other forms of media
13:15 – How has televised news evolved?
25:32 – Media has evolved into partisan cheerleaders
30:46 – Where’s the accountability for fake news?

34:12 – Walter Winchell and the history of American media as entertainment
45:57 – The peddling of misinformation
53:09– Has American media historically leaned conservative?
1:00:37 – What does it take to trust a particular news outlet?
1:09:01 – When was the last time you saw an American reporting live from a foreign country?
1:13:29 – Will the media remain the same after Trump leaves office?
1:17:53 – Can the public be convinced to consume news in a better way?
1:28:51 – What does the future hold for us?
Matt Lessinger and Nolan Dalla attempted to answer these questions and more in the latest edition of “An Intelligent Conversation.”
This unscripted conversation was recorded on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020 and runs about 90 minutes.


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