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Posted by on Aug 16, 2014 in Blog, General Poker, Personal, Travel, Video 1 | 0 comments

Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge — Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!




I just completed the “Ice Bucket Challenge” for ALS, which is sweeping the nation right now.

It appears that “Poker Night in America” bridges the first crossover into poker, thanks to old pal Chris Capra, the marketing maven over at 888poker.  After doing the challenge himself (so he says — but where the video???), Capra called out myself and “Poker Night in America” creator Todd Anderson to also do the challenge.  By the way, doesn’t “Capra” mean “goat,” in Italian?

But I digress.

We were joined by Chris Hansen, the handsome face and golden voice of our broadcast, along with poker manager Jason DiBenedetto, from the Turning Stone Casino.  We all called out different people in the poker world, to match the challenge, and/or donate to the ALS Foundation.  I called out Phil Hallmuth, who took the “ice bucket challenge” this afternoon.

Note to self — next time I do one of these crazy things, make sure it’s not 56 degrees outside in upstate New York.


Here’s the video evidence.




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Posted by on Aug 15, 2014 in Blog, General Poker, Music and Concert Reviews, Video 1 | 2 comments

“Poker Night in America” Jam Session (Music Video of Liv Boeree with Tony Mangnall)




“Poker Night in America” is currently filming its sixth extended session of high-stakes cash game action — this time at Turning Stone Casino in Upstate New York.

The first day of action was capped off by an unrehearsed jam session with poker pro Liv Boeree (on lead guitar), along with show producer Tony Mangnall (on guitar) and cameraman Mike G. (on bass).  They performed a Metallica cover song which can be seen in this six-minute video.  Note that Liv has not played guitar in nearly five years.  But she basically was willing to go with the music and have a good time.  Pretty amazing and lots of fun to watch.  Here’s a look:

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Posted by on Aug 8, 2014 in Blog, General Poker, Talking Points, Video 1, World Series of Poker | 1 comment

My Interview with Tatjana Pasalic on Online Gambling (Calvin




Tatjana Pasalic and I have done quite a few interviews together.  I’m a big fan of her work, which is regularly posted at

Below this most recent interview, at the 2014 WSOP, see Part 1 of “How the West Was Won,” which is a nice overview of WSOP history.

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Posted by on Jul 19, 2014 in Blog, Book Reviews, General Poker, Video 1 | 0 comments

More on Anthony Holden’s “Big Deal” (Video)




Shortly after writing and posting my list of the best non-fiction poker narratives ever written, I made a lengthy video which expounded upon the reasons why various books were selected.  READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

Unfortunately, the video was cut short, leaving many viewers to wonder why I selected Anthony Holden’s “Big Deal” in the top position.

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