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Posted by on Oct 31, 2021 in Blog, Video 1, Wine Reviews | 0 comments

The First Time I Tried Pisco



On Friday evening, I had the chance to try a new form of alcohol.  At least this was new to me.

Here’s my impressions, captured on video.


I’d never tried Pisco before, a unique brandy made from grapes that originated in Peru and later became widely popular in Chile.  You can read and learn more about Pisco HERE.

The fine people at CHILE SPIRITS, including founder Carlos Martinez (in Chile) and Shannon Englert (in San Diego) shipped me four different bottles of Pisco.  I opened them and sampled each on a live 30-minute show at “That Pisco Show,” which can be seen here.


What a fun experience!

This was a wonderful opportunity to sample a spirit that is mostly unknown in North America.  I encourage others to visit CHILE SPIRITS, which makes ordering and shipping easy.

Thanks very much to Carlos and Shannon for the wonderful hospitality.

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