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Posted by on Jun 13, 2021 in Blog, Personal, Rants and Raves, Wine Reviews | 0 comments

The Drinking Life: When No Means No



Here’s a more serious thought for the day. I copied this meme (below) from another source and decided to share it because I think the message is important and we can all learn something here.



As most readers know, I enjoy the drinking lifestyle and make these activities a big part of the subjects I write about and share on Facebook. That said, I’ve NEVER pushed alcohol on any person, not ever. Coaxing someone uncomfortable with drinking into “one more” or “just a shot” is irresponsible and dangerous. This should NEVER happen.

It’s just as important to respect boundaries and not invade privacy. Those who decline alcohol or don’t drink should NEVER be questioned about it. They have their own reasons, which are private. It might be something medical. It could be past abuse and an ongoing struggle to “stay clean.” It may be related to witnessing and/or living with the horrors of alcohol abuse in a family.

This summer, alcohol should be enjoyed. But those who decline should have their decision respected, and NEVER challenged.

No means no.

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