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Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Blog | 29 comments

Let’s Castrate People With Peanut Allergies



Over the years, I’ve written many provocative things.¬† Some decent.¬† Other things that fell flat.¬† Here’s a comedic sketch (ala Lewis Black) I wrote, that pissed off lots of readers.¬† See the comments section.¬† I leave it up at my site for a few reasons — to show that our attitudes on things change over time and that it’s okay to aim and miss sometimes.

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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Blog, Personal, Rants and Raves, Travel | 1 comment

Attack of the Pit Bulls

Mean-Looking Pitbull


Yesterday, I almost had my balls chewed off by a pit bull named “Chief.”

It’s true.

I was attacked by three pit bulls this past weekend. ¬†Here’s the story of how a leisurely run through the mountains of northern San Diego County turned into a brief moment of terror.




Ever had one of those “HOLY SHIT! ¬†WHAT DO I DO NOW?” moments?

I just had one.

Make that three.  As in three pit bulls.

It all happened Saturday morning. ¬†A casual three-mile run concluded with an unexpected “bonus sprint” towards the end, when I was confronted by¬†three gnarling, foaming-at-the-mouth, canine beasts.

First, the back story. ¬†I’m currently staying at the Harrah’s Rincon Resort and Casino, which is located in the mountains just north of San Diego. ¬†This is Indian land situated about halfway between Temecula and Escondido. ¬†Unless you drive 20 miles due east off the I-15, you’d never know there’s this vast barren area with almost no modern development, except for a few casinos and local Indians who all seem to drive $60,000 cars and live in shacks.

The roads here pretty much consist of single-lane stretches of pavement winding through mountains along blind curves with no guard rails. ¬†Everyone seems to drive 80 miles an hour along these roads. ¬†I guess there’s no state highway patrol here given this is a “sovereign nation,” so it’s almost like vehicular anarchy.

Having run along these roads a few times as part of my daily workout, I’ve nearly been hit by traffic, oblivious to the fat white guy wallowing along the yellow stripe who’s stupid enough to jog a route where no path exists. ¬†If running in Las Vegas is dangerous at times, and it certainly can be, then doing the same thing here on an Indian reservation is inviting a death wish.

So, on Saturday morning I went out in search of a detour. ¬†A new path where I could run over the next week which was challenging, but safe. ¬†I thought I’d found it, at least until the final stage of my run, which is where the story picks up.

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Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in Blog, Politics, Rants and Raves | 0 comments

Thought for the Day: Throw Out All Immigrants?

The time has come to get rid of immigrants!

That’s right — throw them out!

Who do they think they are — taking over our country?

Millions of¬†foreign-looking people arrive on our shores without ever being invited.¬† They¬†hang¬†onto¬†their old customs.¬† They won’t speak our language.¬† They¬†refuse to¬†assimilate into our society.¬† They take over our neighborhoods.¬† They¬†steal our¬†jobs.

I don’t like what these new immigrants are doing to our nation.¬† Wherever they go, crime increases.¬† Wherever they live, filth and disease follows.¬†¬†They bring guns, drugs, and violence.

Sound familiar?

Oddly enough, these same toxic words could have written back in 1830 by someone else.

I wonder what this man would think about the issue of immigration in America:

American Indian Photo


This poster shows the face of an Indian chief railing against new immigrants.  I thought the poster was thought provoking, so I put my own twist on the issue.

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