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Posted by on May 28, 2021 in Blog, Politics, Rants and Raves | 3 comments

Rewarding Anti-Vaccine Holdouts is a Terrible Idea



What a HORRIBLE idea!

Making vaccinations part of a lottery to sway idiots?



Why are we INCENTIVIZING people to stubbornly hold out — now, and possibly in the future when these things will surely arise again — by basically saying to all the millions of Americans who have already COMPLIED VOLUNTARILY with national and state vaccination directives, “hey you suckers — here’s your stamped vax card and a free keychain.” Now, all the idiot holdouts who REFUSED TO LISTEN and IGNORED government directives the first time are eligible to win million-dollar lottery prizes! Hold out a bit longer and maybe they’ll offer free gift cards to EVERYONE!

Oh wait, some states are ALREADY doing this — rewarding anti-vaccination morons and lazy idiots with juicy perks. California is giving away $160 million in “incentives,” ranging from $50 Target retail gift cards to lottery tickets worth potentially millions in prizes. 30 “lucky winners” will win $50,000 in cash. All for being a stubborn idiot!

This is MADNESS!

For several months now, vaccinations for the overwhelming majority of Americans have been FREE. Totally FREE. They are available at EVERY big drugstore chain. At many locations, you can walk in now, with no wait. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s painless. And GOOD people complied and did the right thing.

But now, let’s bring out the goodies and reward to lazy scumbags and conspiracy quacks!

Here are my thoughts: By this point in time, after 16 months of lockdown and overwhelming evidence that vaccines work, the anti-vaccine crazies should be left on their own. FUCK THEM.

Instead, we’re wasting valuable resources and precious funds needed for other needs to seduce dirt dumb dimwits.

This is ASININE.



  1. Most lotteries I have seen say anyone that has already been vaccinated is eligible too. Either way, I’m fine with giving ~$3 in equity to idiots to achieve proper herd immunity.

  2. You[ are correct in everything you say but, regardless, no matter how lazy, selfish, and irresponsible they may be, we must get them vaccinated—even if it means dolling out incentives they really do not deserve. No matter what it takes, we have to get needles into these idiot, recalcitrant asshats. Period.

  3. The probability of getting Covid and dying from it is greater than winning these state lotteries- designed for the American Idiot!

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