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Posted by on Dec 19, 2015 in Blog, Essays, Politics, What's Left | 8 comments

President Obama’s Efforts to “Destroy America” a Disastrous Failure


US President Barack Obama sings with Santa during the finale fo the annual lighting of the National Christmas tree December 1, 2011 at The Ellipse in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)


President Obama has failed again.

Born in Kenya to radicalized parents, Barack Obama was cultivated as the perfect sleeper cell for Muslim extremism.  Sent clandestinely by hard-line Islamic conspirators to Hawaii, and then Chicago, his orders were to infiltrate the democratic system, fool the populace, get elected to high office, and implement policies that would ultimately destroy America.  Given the expectations, President Obama has been failure of historic proportions.

Since President Obama assumed office seven years ago in a rigged national election tainted by voter fraud — a global financial meltdown was averted, unemployment has been cut nearly in half, the stock market rocketed up 192 percent, 32 million Americans enjoyed health coverage for the first time, gas prices fell by 35 percent, inflation is non-existent, the U.S. automotive industry was saved, and Democrats appear to be all but assured of controlling the executive branch for at least another four-year term.  None of this was supposed to happen.  President Obama can’t seem to do anything right.

Even President Obama’s secret “War on Christmas” has proven disastrous.  This month, the Muslim-in-Chief hosted no less than two-dozen Christmas-themed events and celebrations in and around Washington.  Violating the strict dictates of political correctness, he also uttered the offensive words “Merry Christmas” to reporters gathered inside the White House, his final parting words during the last scheduled press briefing of the year.  He’s also hosted similar Jewish-themed events related to the celebration of Hanukkah.  The Muslim Brotherhood and other elements of Islamic extremism were outraged by these acts of treason.

“What the fuck is he doing?” screamed Yamir Al-Aswari, public relations director and social media analyst for ISIS.  “We invested a shitload of money setting up Barack Hussein Obama — and he’s done nothing to tear down America!  He’s making them better!  I’m beginning to think he’s crossed over to the infidels!”

Fortunately for President Obama, millions of American super patriots continue to protect his cover, dispelling somewhat the growing suspicions of his handlers abroad.  Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, half of all Republicans still remain convinced he’s a devoted Muslim who’s sympathetic to Islamic extremism.  No matter how much the national economy continues to churn ahead and how significantly better off most of the country is since he took office in 2009, most rank and file Republicans remain utterly convinced of President Obama’s illegitimacy.  Even though he regularly attends Christian services, champions equal rights for women, supports gays, favors legalized abortion, and has never once been caught reciting verses from the Koran or kneeling in a prayer rug, President Obama’s secret identity as a Muslim remains safe with Republicans.

According to reports, President Obama is next headed off to yet another “family vacation” (the cover story) while the undercover plot to destroy Western civilization continues.  Later today, he’s traveling to his birthplace in Kenya Hawaii where he’s scheduled to celebrate the start of Ramadan privately with co-conspirators and fellow Jihadists still hoping to destroy America and enslave Christians.

“It appears 2016 will be Barack Hussein’s last chance to destroy America,” said Yamir Al-Aswari, visibly agitated and seating profusely.  “I sure hope he starts ruining the country soon.  Because if he doesn’t, there’s going to be hell to pay.  If the President turns out to be a traitor, they’re going to cut my head off!”

President Obama was unavailable for comment.  However, once aboard Air Force One, the unabashed member of the Islamic faith reportedly drank two beers, devoured a platter of pork chops, and then excused himself to the lavatory where he broke federal law and secretly smoked a cigarette.





  1. Seriously, you write this BS after Obama signed the spending bill which lifted a 40 year old ban on oil exports and included CISA?

    Are you really this ignorant, or just plain stupid?

    Income inequality under Obama is at it’s highest levels since the 1920’s, wages are stagnant, he pushed through (with help from his Republican buddies)the middle class crushing TPP, he proposed cutting Social Security, military spending is at it’s highest levels ever, he bombed 7 Muslim countries, he bombed a wedding in Yemen, he bombed a hospital in Afghanistan (last month), and he executed a 16 year old US citizen. The list goes on and on.

    The global financial crisis was not averted, just delayed, Your understanding of economics is faulty at best, dangerous at worst.

    It is sad that you believe that Obama has been anything but a complete sellout and failure.

    It is also sad that someone I admire, and love to read, could be so ignorant when it comes to politics. I say that as a big fan of yours, and as someone far to the left of Bernie Sanders.

  2. You should really educate yourself about Nolan’s background and refrain from calling people names who have a difference of opinion. It is important to recognize that differences of opinions do not mean that one is ignorant or stupid.

    • When one is praising Obama out of complete ignorance it is okay that it is pointed out.

      The stock market going up while wages are stagnant is not an accomplishment, as Nolan says it is. It is a national embarrassment. Only an ignorant person would trumpet the stock market going up as an achievement. Sorry you are part of the uninformed ignorant masses but that is the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  3. As a libertarian I am ashamed for Reggie’s comment. He looks into a mirror and calls another ignorant. Perhaps if Trump wins he may reflect how good he had it.

    • As an American I am ashamed that you are a libertarian.
      You must have it good to not care about the poor and the middle class. Libertarian is just another word for selfish prick.

  4. I am proud to be a liberal, proud to have voted for Obama in the past two elections and if you disagree with me you can kiss my ass.

    • You are an ignorant fool.

  5. Thank you Nolan. Merry Christmas!

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