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Posted by on Feb 26, 2020 in Blog, Essays | 1 comment

Will the Coronavirus Become a Pandemic?




This is an attempt to discuss what may become the biggest health scare of our lives.

Many health professionals predict sizeable percentages of the global population could become infected with a potentially deadly virus. This doesn’t mean mass death, but fears can lead to panic, which can lead to some things that most of us would normally be unthinkable.

My question is — at what point do you begin altering your life and change plans in response to fear?

When do you stop flying?

When do you worry that the person next to you who sneezes might carry the virus?

When do you decide that playing poker in a casino is just too risky or decline attending a sporting event?

These are not frivolous questions.

Yes — it’s early. But, in some way, it might also be too late.

Let’s agree, uncertainty and confusion are real. Virtually all governments and populations are vulnerable and unprepared. A virus knows no borders. A virus doesn’t discriminate. No walls, nor social status, nor privilege will protect any segment of the public. Everyone faces potential danger.

I’ve followed this outbreak but I also lack the background and knowledge to have much of an opinion about it. Hysteria won’t help and I’m reluctant to provoke unnecessary worry. However, when I see the head of the 2020 Summer Olympics coming out with a statement that the Tokyo games could possibly face cancellation/postponement, it’s time to take this matter seriously. When health ministers in the most advanced countries on earth are describing mass infections as “inevitable,” we better start asking questions and thinking about the implications.

This virus has already impacted stock markets. Too bad it takes a financial component to get our attention. This might be just the beginning. Or, perhaps this is much ado about nothing.

I’ve seen very little discussion about the Coronavirus among my contacts on social media. It might be time to begin a dialogue.  I presume others might have questions and worries, as well.

Thoughts? Predictions? Advice?

Do you have fears?

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1 Comment

  1. I have started already. Mask with Disp. Filter for when in Casinos or any DMV ,SS, DR office visits.
    Am wondering how this Virus effects the WSOP..?
    World Series Of Poker has Ppl from Every corner of the globe congregating in 1 Place and touching chips.. O my…
    More input than usual for me.

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