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Posted by on Jul 29, 2023 in Blog | 1 comment

What Was Your Worst Moment of Fear?



Fear isn’t always logical.  Fear creeps upon us, usually involuntarily.  Fear doesn’t always make sense.


Today, let’s talk about fear.

Think about a moment when you were the most afraid. There’s something very strange about fear. It usually means danger. However, many people also seek it out. We go to horror movies. We take rides at amusement parks that scare us. Fear can be a rush. There’s a natural high that comes with some moments of fear.

For the purposes of this discussion, let’s leave out genuine fears about our health and sicknesses that impact our loved ones. For instance, many readers have experienced health scares, which are far worse than anything else. Let’s try and stick with moments when you were afraid, but it wasn’t because of a diagnosis or illness.

Let’s also note that fear isn’t always logical.  Fear creeps upon us, usually involuntarily.  Fear doesn’t always make sense.

I’ll share my worst moment of fear, as an example: It happened when I was 12. I was skiing with my family in Durango, Colorado at Purgatory. On the final run of a long day, I rode the chairlift alone to the top of the mountain and had just enough light in the day to make the final run. On my way down, I somehow skied into an area that was off-limits and remote, far away from the resort. The trail I was following gradually disappeared. Continuing down the mountain, it ended and I was stuck in a forest of trees. It was close to dark. I was a young kid, alone in the mountains where it would dip to zero degrees that night. I didn’t have a clue what to do or which direction to walk. It was a nightmare moment of terror for me that I’ll never forget. But by a pure stroke of luck, I took off my skis and walked in the right direction through deep snow in the forest, and about a mile later was found by the ski patrol. Had I walked in the opposite direction, I probably would have died from exposure.

Now, it’s your turn.  Click the link to Facebook below.

This is the TWO-HUNDRED AND TWENTIETH edition of A.U.C., a series I created three years ago to discuss and debate topics and experiences in a civil manner. Thanks to everyone who participates.


1 Comment

  1. I spent 26 months in Vietnam, 1968-70. Fear was a daily companion to be overcome. Having a weapon in your hands is a huge aid, even if the weapon is not always sufficient to solve the immediate problem.

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