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Posted by on Dec 31, 2019 in Blog, General Poker, Video 1 | 4 comments

Video Tribute to Poker People We Lost in 2019


Empty Poker Table


Here’s a video I made paying respects to poker players who died in 2019, which was posted to YouTube.


I didn’t plan on doing this.

In fact, I had no intention of writing anything to do with poker ever again.

But sometimes, forces extend beyond our control, and sharing something meaningful becomes an obligation.

Last night at around 8 pm, I began putting together a short article about all the wonderful people who left us during these last 12 months — mostly friends, and even family.  Oddly enough, as I compiled my thoughts and reflected, I came to realize that all of them were in some way connected to poker.  I guess that’s what happens when one spends nearly a quarter-century attached to the game.

Words just didn’t seem enough for the occasion.

Purely by coincidence, I’ve been working on a project called the “Van Morrison MasterClass.”  One of the songs from the daily retrospective was off the 1999 album, Back on Top.  The song isn’t just appropriate.  It’s an epiphany.

Reminds Me of You,” says it all, really.  It expresses how we feel.  It reflects a sense of longing, and even loneliness.  But the song also gives comfort.  It’s not a song of sadness.  It’s a melody of joy and celebration.

I uploaded this hours later, on YouTube.  Some of the cuts and transitions are a bit rough.  Please indulge me.  Also, forgive any people I missed in this tribute.  I’m sure there are names forgotten who deserve to be mentioned.  Feel free to add their names, and even photos, on social media or in the comments section, if you wish.

And now, let’s remember:


Yours Truly,

Nolan Dalla

Las Vegas — December 31, 2019

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  1. Nice. And thanks for ending it with Gavin.

  2. Thank you for providing this moment, to pause and reflect.
    And with that, may the new year be your best year ever.

  3. We lost some great friends. 😣

  4. Great tribute to all….. 2019 we lost some great ones….
    Main game in heaven has some tough players up there!!


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