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Posted by on Sep 13, 2022 in Blog, Politics, What's Left | 0 comments

Ukraine Lost in the Distractions, is Now Winning the War




Lost in the distractions of ceaseless fawning over the death of a crusty monarch, way over on the opposite side of the continent — thousands of nameless brave men and women worthy of actual adulation and respect are still fighting valiantly and risking their lives in Ukraine. In many cases, their homes are in ruins, their families have been broken apart, and yet these people without jewels and manservants remain committed, though in anonymity.

Remember Ukraine?

Back in February, Russia’s brutal invasion of that sovereign nation dominated the news cycle, and rightly so. Today (in the United States and elsewhere), Ukraine news is buried below the tabloids barrage of palace gossip about the so-called “Royal Family” and a procession of media ass-kissing reminiscent of Medieval times that will seemingly go on endlessly and get passed to the next guilded luckbox.

While most of Britain reminisces about the good old days of its global colonialist empire, real people who are worthy of taking pride in their national identity — mostly civilians with no previous military training or service — are manning barricades against tanks and fending off the once-mighty Russians. Incredibly, they’re now winning the war. Ukrainians are recapturing their territory. Russian forces are in peril. What was utterly unthinkable when this awful invasion began, is happening. According to reports over the last several days, the tide of the war may have turned.

No doubt, Russia’s objectives have failed completely no matter what happens from this point onward. Ukrainians did not welcome the invaders as liberators. Ukrainian forces did not collapse under the pressure of the well-equipped Russian military. The West did not back down from supporting a democratic ally in the face of destruction. In fact, the West’s collective response has been extraordinary. Even the displacement of millions of refugees and unified international efforts to provide humanitarian assistance has surpassed any reasonable early expectations. Putin’s war has been a disaster.

Incredibly, there’s now growing opposition within Russia. Even RT (Russia’s state television) is giving voice to some criticism. The truth cannot be concealed, even with masterful propaganda and oppression. Nonetheless, I predict Putin will survive, and Russia could be in for a very tumultuous period, domestically speaking. We shall see.

What is more clear is Ukraine should survive and perhaps come out stronger and more united than ever before. And that struggling nation will have earned the respect of most of us who value devotion and sacrifice.

After this war ends, there will be a proper reckoning. We’ll evaluate what worked versus what did not. Historians and future generations will judge what happened in our time and determine who rose to the challenges when duty called, versus those who were cowardly or indifferent. That scrutiny will apply to us, as well.

80 years ago, an actual British leader rallied his nation against forces of evil and declared, “We will never surrender.” Five years later, the armies of that leader were planting victory flags on the foreign territory of their foe. Let’s hope Volodymyr Zelenskyy gets that same opportunity.

No matter what happens, we should learn a lesson that international cooperation (what critics call “globalism”) significantly helped to save a nation and its people. Moreover, the Biden Administration appears to have handled this conflict with about as much artful skill as was possible, without risking the start of WW3. Were it not for masterful diplomacy, sanctions, supply lines, airlifts, refugee resettlement, and massive aid, evil would have triumphed. Putin would be parading through Kyiv right now.

Let’s acknowledge what has worked and give credit where it’s due and also remember our priorities. Those priorities shouldn’t be kings and queens. They should be real leaders who have overcome the odds, risked their lives, and are on the brink of greatness.


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