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Posted by on Aug 24, 2021 in Blog, General Poker | 1 comment

Three Poker Questions



It’s rare for me to post a poker question, but here we go. Actually, I have THREE questions. Stick with me, especially if you’re still into poker.


Years ago, the term “tourist” was a derogatory term within poker circles used mostly by more skilled Las Vegas locals to describe inexperienced visitors. The label was often accurate because the average Las Vegas player was far more experienced in making table decisions than the typical tourist.

Today, this applies in way fewer situations. In fact, it might not apply at all. The reason is simple: Poker is played almost everywhere, even online, and inequities in skill, talent, ad experience have flattened. Perhaps locals still enjoy some advantages knowing a more familiar landscape, but they’re not what they used to be.

I think most poker people will agree with this. However, perhaps I’m wrong. So, that’s the first question of three. Here’s the complete quiz, if you’d like to take it and (hopefully) share an opinion. I’m really curious to read lots of opinions.

(1) All other things being equal is, the average Las Vegas poker player better than a random player who’s visiting (i.e., the tourist)?

(2) What spot has the toughest poker games, in general? This can be a specific casino, a city, a region, or even a country. I’d especially like to read first-hand accounts.

(3) Finally, what spot has the softest poker games? Again, this can be a specific casino, a city, a region, or even a country. And again, I’d especially like to read first-hand accounts and ponder your reasoning as to why this spot is the best to make money.

This discussion began on Facebook, where I posted these questions earlier today.  Feel free to join the discussion and share an opinion by clicking HERE.

1 Comment

  1. Best ring games in my limited experiance are PLO, whereever offered outside of Vegas.

    Usually a mix of wild gamblers and a few playing too tight.

    Have seen such games in Milwaukee, Kansas City and at least one other card room that I dpon’t recall.

    Sometimes Vegas has ok PLO games, but more likely to run into good PLO players in Vegas.

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