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Posted by on Mar 23, 2021 in Blog | 0 comments

Thoughts and Prayers from the Far Side




Another mass shooting in America.

Cue it up in 3…2,,,1…

Time for more thoughts and prayers!


We think of “thoughts and prayers” strictly from a personal perspective.  I.E. We want something.  We need something.  We seek divine intervention.

Saving a loved one from a deadly sickness.  Rekindle a lost love.  Shoot a 7 at the craps table.  All expressions of sincerity in hope of divine intervention.

But what about the receiving end of the “thoughts and prayers” pipeline?

What’s it like to be working the “thoughts and prayers” window at the In-and-Out drive-thru when the line is 7.5 billion cars long?

Ever think of that?

Thoughts 24/7.  Prayers 24/7.  Begging 24/7.  Cries 24/7.  Noise 24/7.  it never ends, not even on Christmas.  At least you’d think he’d get that day off.

What must it be like for God manning the switchboard?

No moral God exists, but if he or she or it did exist, the mute button must have been pressed a very long time ago.

Please.  Enough with the “thoughts and prayers.”

They are worthless, counterproductive, and give false hope.

Just stop it.



READ: First and Ten Corinthians

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