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Posted by on May 27, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 4 comments

The Time Has Come: Medicare For All!



This is now a matter of life and death for millions of Americans. This nation desperately needs MEDICARE FOR ALL.


The overwhelming success of government-run testing, vaccines, and critical patient care — paid for ENTIRELY in most cases by government funding (albeit with some wrinkles) over the past 16 months proves once and for all that the collective management of our health care under one vast umbrella that covers EVERYONE is the best solution.

We are no longer a country or a society that can provide basic health coverage through *employer-based* options. This isn’t 1951. Job security isn’t a thing anymore. Far too many corporations have outsourced employment and turned labor into “contractors” so they don’t have to provide them with benefits — in order to minimize costs and maximize profits. It’s also way too big a burden on small businesses. Relying on employers big and small to provide health care options for workers is antiquated, costly, and grossly inadequate.

Fact: We are becoming what’s termed a “gig” economy. This means Americans in vastly increasing numbers — TENS OF MILLIONS, in fact — now do flexible, temporary, or freelance jobs. The pandemic and social distancing only ACCELERATED this trend. People change jobs all the time. Career choices shouldn’t be made based on the availability of healthcare and worrying about pre-existing conditions.

When a substantial number of Americans and their children are forced into insurance plans that only inflate the costs, we LOSE. We’re getting SCREWED. Insurance companies are nothing other than middlemen who drive up the costs substantially for everyone. They perform no positive function. It’s why Americans pay far MORE for health care per person than any modern nation in the world. Just look at the profits of health care “providers” and insurance companies. These companies are buying the naming rights to giant sports stadiums. Where do you think that money comes from?

If there were any doubts about the nation mobilizing to provide health care in a crisis, COVID-19 erased them once and for all. Even with mass ignorance, innate biases, unwarranted fears, and propaganda targeting the evils of “socialized medicine,” we now see that system works best. If we could apply a universal health care model to a pandemic, certainly we can utilize this same system of health care management for ALL aspects of medicine, preventive care, and treatment.

Will this happen? Likely not. The reasons are many and obvious.

But government-run UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE for all Americans is way overdue. MEDICARE FOR ALL must be the new rallying cry of all Americans worried about the future of health care and costs that continue to rise while workers scramble to find plans and services that cover their families. The current “system” is broken and unsustainable.


  1. Hear hear! Wee done.

  2. “well”, sorry!

  3. Mr. Dalla, maybe you already know about it, but Missouri is a prime example of how utterly evil America’s healthcare system has become. For the longest time the state refused to expand Medicaid for those who cannot reach the bottom rung of the ACA income ladder, holding hundreds of thousands of Missourians hostage with NO health insurance in any form, NADA! When the public finally approved Medicaid expansion, sitting Republicans in the state legislature REMOVED any planned funding of the program directly against the will of the state’s voters.
    Sickening stuff. Good writeup here:

    • Nolan Replies:


      — ND

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