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Posted by on May 12, 2021 in Blog, Politics | 1 comment

The Republican Cult



The Republican Party is a cult.

We suspected this all along.  Now — it’s official.


Republicans aren’t the party of ideas.  Republicans aren’t the party of patriotism.  Republicans aren’t the party of diversity.  Republicans aren’t the party of discussion and debate.

Republicans are the party of ONE individual, ONE leader, ONE king (albeit in exile), ONE divine ruler — DONALD TRUMP.

Incredibly, he holds no office.  He has no official powers nor wields any authority.  He’s not elected to anything (despite the repeated lies he won in 2020).

The rubber stamp on the Republican Party identity in 2021 was revealed today and trumpeted out loud and clear with the overwhelming vote by Republican members of Congress who collectively decided to punish Liz Cheney by ousting her from a key leadership post.  Typically, that wouldn’t be major news, except to Washington insiders.  However, the controversy and vote is a ringing alarm bell as to just how low this once proud and inclusive party has sunk and the depths of depravity to which it’s fallen.

Rep. Cheney, the lone congresswoman from ultra-conservative Wyoming won re-election in 2020 with 69 percent of the vote.  They liked her then.  Now, just six months later, she’s booted from GOP leadership and reportedly is in serious trouble if she decides to run for re-election in 2022.  They don’t like her now.  So, what did Rep. Cheney do that pissed off so many Republicans?

It certainly wasn’t Rep. Cheney’s voting record.  She’s almost as right-wing politically as they come.  The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF), long considered the gold standard on conservative “values” (hah, what a laugh!) gave Rep. Cheney a score of 78.  That’s much higher than her replacement in the leadership post, who received only a 48 score from the ACUF.  In her years as a member of the House from 2017-2020, she voted with President Trump 96 percent of the time.  Apparently, that wasn’t good enough.

We all know the reason.  She broke ranks.  She thought for herself.  She tried to do what she thought was right.  She spoke her mind.  And, she told the truth about the Big Lie of so-called “voter fraud” in the 2020 election, which is still being used to stir up the dopes and grift political donations from the suckers.  Liz Cheney’s honesty amounted to heresy.

What was once a big tent is now a bunker.  What used to be the party of optimism is a cabal of witch hunts. Instead of respecting alternative points of view, even from one of the most loyal members of Congress, the Republican Party is entirely wrapped around the stink of Trump’s little finger.  They swarm like crazed wasps to kiss the orange ring.  What gutless cowards.  It’s pathetic.

We know that millions of rank-and-file Republican voters are dirt-dumb bigots.  Q-quacking conspiracy nuts.  OAN-addicted loons.  Confederate nostalgists.  Traitors.  Haters.  Unwashed, uneducated plebes.  Susceptible morons.  We knew they were drunk on Trump-spiked kool-aide and way too far gone for any hope of redemption or enlightenment.  Good riddance.  Let them whistle Dixie in the echo chamber of darkness and fist-pump tax cuts for billionaires while fighting to gut health care.

What we didn’t know for a fact until today is that their Republican congressional representatives are just as bad as they are.  Maybe even worse, because many probably realize what they’re doing is wrong but they’re too afraid to speak out and support Rep. Cheney, or at least defend her right to civil disagreement.

Of course, cults operate in secret.  This one is no different.  The Trump Cult doesn’t want outsiders to know what they really do.  And so it was with the Republican vote to remove Rep. Cheney.  Their vote wasn’t even recorded.  No member is officially on the record, because that’s how cults do things.  Secretly.  It was done by voice vote, entirely behind closed doors.  Some transparency, huh?

There was a reason for this.  Presumably, this is future “plausible deniability” when the time comes — and it will come — when many of these G.O.P. cultists will have to stand before voters in an election and somehow waffle in the public eye and have to defend their unbreakable loyalty to s disgraced former president who instigated a revolt, was impeached twice, abandoned by nearly all of his top advisers, and was an international laughingstock.

Indeed, this has reached the level of madness.  They’ve gone crazy.  It might be understandable to see a political cult formed around a leader who’s smart, principled, and meritorious of such loyalty.  We’ve had such presidents before in our history.  But not 45.

Republicans are the party of Trump.  It’s a cult.  They meet every definition of the word.


Today’s vote in Congress settles the matter once and for all.  It’s over.  The Republican Party has dug its own grave.  Now, let them be buried in it and then throw away the shovel.


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  1. Bravo! Best thing you’ve ever written.

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