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Posted by on Jul 14, 2013 in Blog, World Series of Poker | 0 comments

Making the WSOP Top 100 — Once in a Lifetime




Sometime around 9 pm last night, the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event played down to its final 100 players.

Let’s put this into perspective.

This year’s world championship began ten days ago with 6,352 entrants.  Hence, those who made it this far represent about 1/63rd of the starting field.  Practically speaking, this means that for every seven poker tables full of players when the tournament started, just one player out of that entire group is still alive.

But making the “Top 100” is even more special than that.

Let’s say you’re an average poker player relative to all those who enter the WSOP Main Event.  In other words, you have about an equal chance of anyone in the middle of the pack – skill wise.  Expressed in years, how often would you expect to make the Top 100?

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Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Blog, General Poker, Rants and Raves, World Series of Poker | 18 comments

The Ten Commandments of Poker Etiquette




[In Charlton Heston as “Moses” voiceover….]


Here all ye’ faithful!

I’ve just returned to the valley of darkness from the high summit on Mount Charleston.  Within my arms rest stone tablets etched by fire.  I bring to you light — the direct word from the heavenly poker gods.

Indeed, there is proof of divinity.  Look to the west.  The vast plumes of white smoke you’ve witnessed barreling into the sky in recent days over the desert came from the pyres of the almighty hand.

Now amongst my flock, I bestow upon you “The Ten Commandments of Poker Etiquette.”

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Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in Blog, General Poker, World Series of Poker | 7 comments

Collecting Poker Memorabilia




It was just a matter of time before poker artifacts started to become collectors’ items.

Think of all the decks of cards, poker chips, reporting slips, and other assorted memorabilia from years past which now serve as precious keepsakes of the game’s rich history and it’s most colorful players.

The single most valuable poker collectables are playing cards — and usually the winning hands.  Unfortunately, all the playing cards from the early days are long gone and have since been destroyed.  It would have been really cool to go to a giant wall somewhere and see every two-card combination of winning hands which ended up winning the World Series of Poker Main Event.  For instance, Doyle Brunson’s famous Ten-Deuce would be a priceless keepsake, probably just as valuable as the gold bracelet itself in terms of rarity.

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