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Posted by on Jul 2, 2016 in Blog, Essays, World Series of Poker | 3 comments

Who Stole My Mike Sexton Book?


Screenshot 2016-07-02 at 10.19.45 AM

Photo taken last week which shows the Mike Sexton book before it was stolen


Mike Sexton should be proud.

Someone ripped off the new book Sexton personally gave to me, right off my desk, out in the open, at the Rio in Las Vegas.

Someone out there is a thief!

The backstory goes like this:  I’m at the Rio working the 2016 World Series of Poker for 51-straight days and nights.  Since I’m toiling away inside a casino, just about every square inch of the property is covered by the watchful eye of surveillance cameras.  It’s almost impossible for someone to steal something and it not be recorded on video.

For this reason, I often leave my humble possessions completely out in the open, in clear public view.  I realize there are some risks at doing this, since not everyone who walks through a casino is honest.  I know — such a pessimistic outlook on humanity.  However, it’s way too much trouble to lock away everything at my desk each and every time I have to leave the room for whatever reason.  So, I leave most of my things at the desk which no one seems to bother with.

Until yesterday.

Sometime this past Friday, although it could have been on Thursday, one of my possessions disappeared.  The thief didn’t steal a $1,200 laptop which could have easily been heisted.  The thief passed on the opportunity to rip off a Chromebook, which I use as a backup.  The thief skipped taking my new HTC cell phone, which I leave out sometimes while plugged into a charger.  The thief also ignored two other recently-released books on my desk which were given to me by friends — including “The Perfect Bet” (Adam Kucharski’s new book about how science and math are taking the risk out of some forms of gambling) and “Vanatic” (by Patrick Corley about a fan of the Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison).  The thief didn’t steal any of these items, which might have higher resale value on or some back alley to get a crack fix.

Instead, the criminal stole “Life’s a Gamble,” by Mike Sexton, which is his recently-released biography (which is reviewed HERE).

Like I said, Sexton should be proud.  At least one criminal out there is taking a huge gamble just to read his book.  That’s pretty impressive that someone will break the law just to read your book.  Way to go, Mike!  That’s one hell of a book!

Here and now, I am offering a cash reward.  There is only one book like this of its kind.  That’s because Mike wrote some nice very flattering words to me on the inside jacket (no doubt, bribing me for the positive review).  Hence, the thief now has something akin to a poker fan collector’s item since it’s personally inscribed to me along with Sexton’s autograph.  So, when Mike and I are both dead which hopefully is a very, very long time from now — the rare book might fetch $30 on eBay instead of the cover price which is $24.95.

Here’s the deal:  I am offering $30 cash to anyone who can return the book to me — no questions asked.  If you wish to stay anonymous, please leave the book upon my desk while I’m away and I will leave the cash somewhere at a drop off point.  However, please note that the drop off must be within 5 miles of the Rio.  I won’t drive all the way to Henderson just to pay a ransom.  I don’t like Henderson, anyway.

Hey thief — the ball is in your court.  I want my Mike Sexton book back!


Note:  Andy Hughes snapped the photo above which shows my desk just before the Mike Sexton book was purged from my desk.  It was sitting atop the other two books and was ripped off.  It’s out there somewhere and I intend to get it back!



  1. Zero chance you are getting the book back, Nolan

  2. Hard to believe anyone’s Consciousness would be so low as to steal something! That is to say, other than stealing a pot I guess. At least they got a really good read… I’ve only just started to read the book but having known Mike for 25 or 30 years I know many of the stories and look forward to hearing some of the new ones. I’m sorry Nolan but agree, a book autographed and inscribed to you, my friend, would be rare indeed and I’d be happy to have that on my mantle! Don’t get any ideas, I have my own copy!

  3. Perhaps the purloined prize was seen as a challenge to an opportunist due to the book title. Good luck to you for its return.


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