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Posted by on Sep 19, 2023 in Blog | 1 comment

So, You Want to be a School Teacher in Las Vegas? (A Tale of Frustration)



Are you interested in becoming a Las Vegas school teacher?

I was (and still am).

Unfortunately, the Clark County School District makes the hiring process unnecessarily confusing and difficult. Perhaps this is one reason why our local schools have a severe teacher shortage right now.

This 10-minute video details my frustrations at becoming a teacher.  Hopefully, someone who can make a difference will see it and fix the problems, or at least make the process easier for aspiring teachers.




1 Comment

  1. Hope this spurs some action for you.
    You would make a great teacher !

    But if I can make one observation…. everything I have every applied for seemed to require a voluminous amount of hoops to jump through. While annoying for sure, I found it best to just cowboy up and start jumping.

    Good luck,

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