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Posted by on Jul 8, 2021 in Blog, Las Vegas, Restaurant Reviews | 0 comments

Restaurant Review: Aromi Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar (Summerlin-Las Vegas)



My review of Aromi, a new Italian restaurant in Summerlin (Las Vegas).


When Nattaya’s Secret Kitchen (Thai) moved its location around the corner several months ago, I didn’t give much thought to what would take its place.

Now, we know — AROMI is the new Italian restaurant and wine bar which has big shoes to fill given the prior occupant’s reputation for innovative cuisine.

Located at Fort Apache and Lake Mead, Aromi is open for lunch and dinner.  Their doors opened about a month ago.



After reading Al Farnsworth and Flora Sanchez’s glowing recommendation last week, we decided to give Aromi a try. We opted for the three-course prix fixe menu which applies during the lunch hour. A three-course meal with choices for $18….what a deal!

The first course was a delicious apple, raisin, avocado, salad with house vinaigrette which was a terrific starter. The opening course was served with complimentary Tuscan-style freshly baked bread, which has a more rustic characteristic. Fresh, airy, warm, and served with tin foil butter. The bread was refilled upon request. We’re off to a great start.



We had three choices on the main course but opted for the Chicken Parmesan. While I give the other menu courses a 9-10, the main course rates a 7-8. Kudos on the al dente approach with hand-served grated cheese, but I thought the chicken was a bit too thin where it didn’t quite meld with the breading. Yes, a small nitpick, but this item could use some improvement. For the best Chicken Parmesan in the city for the money, check out Anna Marie’s for $12.95. But, I’m being way too picky here. For the money and given the rest of the meal, this was quite tasty and more than satisfactory.



The superstar of this parade of flavors was the desserts. Marieta inhaled the homemade Tiramisu. This traditional Italian closer is pretty standard in most authentic restaurants, but this serving was perfect in flavor, texture, and temperature. I choose the vanilla pannacotta with berries, which is hard to find in affordable restaurants. This is an absolute delicacy on a hot day and the explosion of flavors and velvety texture really hit the spot. Pannacotta, when done right, is an exclamation point to a great meal, and this was an exclamation point in bold. I was also impressed with the generous serving sizes.



Aromi has a full menu and many more choices. Those are obviously pricier, but I am inclined to return and try more options with future visits. If there’s any doubt about picking a nice affordable Italian restaurant on the west side for lunch, you can’t go wrong with this all-inclusive Table d’hôte meal for $18.

With cost, tax, and tip we were out the door for $47. A bargain.

We will return. Highly recommended.

Note: The restaurant is newly opened and doesn’t have a liquor license yet, but that will change soon, we’re told.



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