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Posted by on Jan 21, 2018 in Blog, Essays, Las Vegas, Politics | 0 comments

A Political Wager (Walton v. Cousineau)



“Will Donald J. Trump be President of the United States on January 19, 2019?”


An unforeseen consequence of last week’s political thread posted by me on Facebook is a real-money wager between two of my friends — David Walton and Tony Cousineau.

This wager has officially been booked.  Both parties are now in action.

For the purposes of full disclosure, here are the rules which are agreed to by both parties.

THE PROPOSITION: “Will Donald J. Trump be President on January 19, 2019?  Time stamp will be 12:01 am EST.”

DAVID WALTON — NO (getting 1:2 odds)

TONY COUSINEAU — YES (laying 2:1 odds)


1. David Walton has posted $2,000 front money. Tony Cousineau has posted $4,000 in front money. The total sum of $6,000 is being held in escrow on PayPal in my personal account.

2. If Trump is not President FOR ANY REASON (including removal from office, impeachment, resignation, and/or sickness or death), Walton will be declared the winner. If Trump is President (in any official capacity), Cousineau will be declared the winner.

3. On January 20, 2019, the winner will be determined and the full amount of $6,000 will be transferred to the victor.

4. Both parties can negotiate/re-negotiate the terms of this wager (including buy-out) at any time.

5. If either party becomes incapacitated for any reason, the wager continues and funds go the estate.

6. If both parties become incapacitated for any reason, Nolan Dalla (the intermediary) keeps all stray funds. (North Korea, hurricanes, and mudslides are my friend) ***SEE FOOTNOTE

7. The winner agrees to buy Nolan Dalla dinner at the conclusion of the wager (the vig). The dinner must include wine ($50 or higher in value).

8. In the event of any dispute, a Supreme Court will convene and settle any and all claims. This Court will consist of five persons and will vote based on evidence presented. This Court shall consist of the following members: 

Alan Tiger (University of Connecticut Law School alum); 

Larry Greenfield (Georgetown Law School alum); 

Linda Kenney Baden (Rutgers Law School alum); 

James Hammer (UC-Berkeley Law School Alum); 

Rich Korbin (School of Hard Knocks Alum).


Posted this 21st day of January, 2018.

[Note: Both parties have granted permission to have this wager publicly disclosed]

David Walton and Tony Cousineau please acknowledge reading these rules and agreeing to them by posting at Facebook:


*** FOOTNOTE: If Walton, Cousineau, and Dalla all become incapacitated, any surviving member(s) of the Supreme Court will split the funds. If all three principles AND all members of the Supreme Court become incapacitated, we really don’t care what happens to the money. It means everyone’s fucked.


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