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Posted by on Nov 28, 2014 in Blog, General Poker, Politics, Sports Betting | 0 comments

An Open Challenge to Blanche Lincoln and the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG)




In her utterly embarrassing and thoroughly discredited appearance on Mike Huckabee’s FOX News program earlier this week, former Sen. Blanche Lincoln made our task way too easy.  The former senator from Arkansas made so many inaccurate statements and committed such a multitude of factual blunders that conspiracy theorists might reasonably suspect she’s actually a plant working for the other side.  She was that bad.


Allow me to put all the ugly rumors to rest.

We swear she’s not ours.  We want nothing to do with her.  Indeed, she’s actually a paid shill on the payroll of Sheldon Adelson.  And apparently, she’s pretty lazy when it comes to doing her homework.  In her first appearance on national television, she flunked the test.  This, despite her gleeful tutor practically spoon-feeding her the answers.

It’s hard to believe that Ms. Lincoln was only on the air for a grand total of six minutes.  During that brief time, she managed to commit numerous gaffes and mangled lots of elementary details that any spokesperson familiar with the subject of online gambling should have already known by now.  Even good-natured Huckabee, playing the dutiful role of the sympathetic puppy-dog interviewer, repeatedly tossed her softball questions.  He begged her to go fetch the Frisbee.  Meanwhile, all she really seemed to do was circle ’round and ’round, trying to catch her tail.  Run Blanche run!  That a girl!

And just as predicted, the popular reaction to Ms. Lincoln, who is compensated quite handsomely to say whatever Sheldon Adelson wants co-chair something called the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG), was scathing.  Credit several poker industry writers and activists and for doing the thorough research needed which refuted virtually all of her made-up claims.

I urge you to take a few minutes and read the following articles which shred Ms. Lincoln’s commentary to pieces.

John Mehaffey ( breaks down Ms. Lincoln’s major subjects bit by bit.  Revealing her obvious confusion and desperate lack of knowledge about the casino business, Mr. Meheffey writes:  “Lincoln then makes one of the most bizarre gaming statements I have ever heard.  In an attempt to explain why live casinos are safe, she describes how they have psychiatrists on duty to pluck problem gamblers from the casino floor.”


Steve Ruddock (, always a great read, editorializes that Ms. Lincoln was entertaining for all the wrong reasons.  He writes:  “It’s actually one of the most mind-numbingly stupid six-minutes in the history of television.”  Strong words, but entirely plausible.


Just to show that even some of the mainstream media is now catching on to the Sheldon Adelson circus featuring his trained seals-for-hire, check out these articles:

Ben DiMiero and Eric Hanaoki ( 


David Weigel ( 


Here’s one additional look at the real problem of hiring washed-up politicians, who will say and do anything for a buck.  I wrote this up last spring when Sen. Lincoln was initially hired by CSIG:


Now that Ms. Lincoln been on the job for nearly nine months, one presumes she’s eager to take this issue head-on.  Isn’t that what she’s paid to do?  She’s had more than enough time to absorb Sheldon Adelson’s demands the CSIG’s talking points.  Now’s the time for a real public debate.

So, let’s do it.

That said, dear readers — don’t hold your breath.  In fact, I have my deep suspicions that Ms. Lincoln and the CSIG are terrified of a real  discussion and debate on the issue of online gambling’s legalization.  That’s because they know they can’t win.  Their arguments are baseless and the conflicts of interest are way too obvious.  So instead, they resort to friendly television hosts and pre-screened questions played out among sympathetic half-witted studio audiences who are totally incapable of separating fact from fiction.  It’s a charade, little more than a paid infomercial.  All that’s missing is a coked-up Billy Mays hawking his no-stick cookware.

Accordingly, here’s a public challenge to Ms. Lincoln, or anyone else at the CSIG.  You are hereby challenged to engage in a public debate.  I invite you to go one-on-one with anyone who is a major figure within the poker industry.

Candidates for our side might include John Pappas (Poker Players Alliance), Mike Sexton (World Poker Tour), or any of the excellent spokespeople who might argue in favor of online poker and gambling.  If you can’t find someone to debate, then invite me.  I’ll do it.  I’d be glad to take you on and even treat you respectfully.

I shall send a link of this challenge directly to the CSIG website via the Contact Us” link.  Readers will be kept informed of any response that I receive.

Ms. Lincoln, do you hear me?  Can you hear me now?  Let’s have a real debate on this issue.  I’ll even make an early concession — you can ask Huckabee to be the moderator, so long as we are guaranteed equal time.

What do you say?

The Last Word:  I’m very proud to see Mason Malmuth from joining the call this week for a player boycott of the Venetian, which is owned by Sheldon Adelson.



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