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Posted by on Feb 17, 2013 in Blog, Travel | 2 comments

Octomom Bares All

 Strip Club in West Palm Beach, Florida


Meet the Octomom!

Poker players welcome!

Who can resist?


The great mystery has been solved.

We now know why the world’s most famous mommy of eight was visiting here in West Palm Beach, Florida.

A reality television show?  Nope.  A new business venture?  Not even close.  On vacation with her litter of pups?  Wrong again.

Remember that a few days ago, I ran into Octomom at my hotel.  READ STORY HERE

Well, we now know what brought her all the way to South Florida.

This week, “Octomom” is the star attraction at a local strip club.  That’s right, she’s baring her flesh to the delight of her “fans.”

Amazingly, the owners of a local establishment called “T’s Lounge” brought the ovulation queen across the country to entertain her troops.  Maybe there’s a shortage of tits and ass in Florida, so strip clubs are forced to import older vintages from California.  “T’s Lounge” even rolled out of the red carpet for poker players.  Check out the sign in front.

Thanks to Matt Chang for solving this mystery and providing the photos.  During the course of his in-depth investigation, it’s unknown whether Chang was actually able to come inside.


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  1. OK Nolan, that sign is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. “it’s unknown whether Chang was actually able to come inside”

    As if that’s ever been a problem for Octomom.


  1. Meeting the Octomom | Nolan Dalla - […] MY FOLLOW-UP ARTICLE:  OCTOMOM BARES ALL! […]

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